Meet Your Librarian: Whitney Taylor

new librarian, whitney taylorWhitney Taylor is our new part-time Reference Librarian at the Hardin Valley campus.

Whitney has worked in academic and public libraries for 10 years. She has a BS in history and political science from University of the Cumberlands, a MA in history from University of Central Missouri, and a MLS from University of Kentucky. She recalls being lured to librarianship by the romanticism that surrounds researching archives.

As an academic librarian, Whitney most enjoys teaching people to find information and is passionate about open access materials. She looks forward to working with international students, as she loves learning languages. She can read in French, Latin, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean, and her personal goal is to increase this number to 15.

She moved to Knoxville in October last year but grew up in Jellico, TN. Outside of work, she enjoys rock climbing and hiking. She is a gamer and plays Magic the Gathering. She recently adopted an 8-week-old Boston terrier puppy named Zelda, so stop by the reference desk to meet Whitney and talk to her about history, puppy shenanigans, and Magic!

Fake News: We Have a Guide for That!

How to Spot Fake News: Consider the source, read beyone, check the author, supporting sources, check the date, is it a joke, check your biases, ask the expert.Have you read some news that left you wondering, “Is this for real?” Beyond “Bat Boy” from Weekly World News, fake news is out there and can be hard to spot. How do you recognize the tell-tale signs of fake news?

Check out our new guide: Fake News & Credibility. It goes over what fake news is, identifying reputable news sources, evaluating unknown sites and authors, and fact-checking content.

For in-depth coverage of a topic and historical facts written by experts, look it up on CQ Researcher. It has credible reports on political and social-policy issues over time.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers controversial topics from many perspectives and includes scholarly journals, primary sources, websites, and more.

Thinking about Using OERs in Your Course?

open educational resources iconSeveral PSCC faculty members are considering replacing or supplementing their textbook with Open Educational Resources (OERs). What’s the appeal?

OERs give you freedom to pick and choose pertinent and current information for your course.

They reduce the burden of expensive textbooks on students, eliminate that waiting period at the beginning of the semester, and allow students to access the resources from anywhere.

What do students think of OERs?

In a recent survey regarding the use of an OER textbook in PSCC business courses, most student responses were overwhelmingly positive:

“A free textbook has restored my faith in humanity. In addition to cost efficiency, the content is as appealing to me as the price.”

While the “free factor” was the highlight for most students, their responses also included aspects like accessing them on multiple devices without the carting a heavy book around.

Ready to get started but not sure where to find the right OER? Your subject librarian can help! We’ll work with you to find the right resource to fit your needs.

Study Smart: Libraries After Dark

Reneau Howard

As Evening Circulation Assistant, I may be biased, but I believe the library is a great place to be when the sun goes down.

Successful students devote hours outside of class to studying, writing papers, and completing projects, and the library is the perfect environment to do that!

No roommates, no TV, no children, no pets… all things that can derail a perfectly planned evening of studying.

Come to the library to get more done in less time!

Come for close parking. Our campus is safe and well lit, and a security guard can escort you to your car.

Come for help researching or citing. We can save you lots of time by showing you the right tool or finding the perfect sources.

Come for our study rooms: there’s never a problem finding one at night!

Consider committing at least one evening per week at the library; you will be amazed at how much you accomplish and are better prepared for your exams!

Hardin Valley Library is open until 9pm and other libraries until 7.30p Monday to Thursday. See all library hours.

SPCH 2100 Guide

microphone in front of crowd. photo courtsey of John DiewWhat’s a primary source? How do I find credible sources? What’s a database…? Is that like Google? What do you mean I have to “use” APA? Is that like Google?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re probably taking SPCH 2100.

Get the answers to these questions and more on our newly updated SPCH 2100 Guide (!

Terrified of public speaking? Our Overcoming Anxiety page has a video, books, and ebooks that can help you conquer your fear.Check out our assignment pages for the informative speech, persuasive speech, and occasion speech. Each page offers instructions on getting started with the assignment, specific resources to search, and how-to videos.

Not sure where to start? The How to Research page takes you from picking a topic to finding sources and from evaluating sources to citing them.