Magnolia Game Club

Retro video game consul, like at an arcadeby Sonya Elsberry

Love gaming, learning about game design, and socializing in a like-minded community? Really Awesome Gaming Evolution (RAGE) is for you!

We are a digital media community that gathers for casual games every Wednesday in the Magnolia Campus Fitness Center at 2pm. We aim to foster future game designers, artists, programmers, engineers, directors, artists, and musicians dedicated to developing interactive games and apps.

PSCC Libraries have many resources that aide us in game development, such as and the numerous books and ebooks that are essential tools in continually learning new skills in software and game development.

RAGE holds one tournament at the end of each semester on the Magnolia campus. Come join us!

Meet Your Librarian: Whitney Taylor

new librarian, whitney taylorWhitney Taylor is our new part-time Reference Librarian at the Hardin Valley campus.

Whitney has worked in academic and public libraries for 10 years. She has a BS in history and political science from University of the Cumberlands, a MA in history from University of Central Missouri, and a MLS from University of Kentucky. She recalls being lured to librarianship by the romanticism that surrounds researching archives.

As an academic librarian, Whitney most enjoys teaching people to find information and is passionate about open access materials. She looks forward to working with international students, as she loves learning languages. She can read in French, Latin, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean, and her personal goal is to increase this number to 15.

She moved to Knoxville in October last year but grew up in Jellico, TN. Outside of work, she enjoys rock climbing and hiking. She is a gamer and plays Magic the Gathering. She recently adopted an 8-week-old Boston terrier puppy named Zelda, so stop by the reference desk to meet Whitney and talk to her about history, puppy shenanigans, and Magic!

Fake News: We Have a Guide for That!

How to Spot Fake News: Consider the source, read beyone, check the author, supporting sources, check the date, is it a joke, check your biases, ask the expert.Have you read some news that left you wondering, “Is this for real?” Beyond “Bat Boy” from Weekly World News, fake news is out there and can be hard to spot. How do you recognize the tell-tale signs of fake news?

Check out our new guide: Fake News & Credibility. It goes over what fake news is, identifying reputable news sources, evaluating unknown sites and authors, and fact-checking content.

For in-depth coverage of a topic and historical facts written by experts, look it up on CQ Researcher. It has credible reports on political and social-policy issues over time.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers controversial topics from many perspectives and includes scholarly journals, primary sources, websites, and more.

RE: Tips for Emailing Your Professor

So, you need to email a professor? Here are a few tips to communicate effectively.

First, clarify who you are and why you are writing. Just think, you might have 4 professors this semester, but your professor might have 150 students!

In the subject box, type your class and section number (it’s in the D2L course title) and the topic of the email.

Emails are closer to letters than text messages, so make sure to write out words and check your grammar!

Also, your professor has so much to do in addition to answering emails, so be kind and write a short email.

Don’t forget to thank your professor for taking the time to answer you. Last but not least, always include your name at the bottom.

Email. Subject: COLL 1500 M02 Career Project. Text: Dear professor green, My name is pete, and I am in your college success class at magnolia. I am so sorry I missed class last week! I got the notes for that day from another student, but i had a question about the career project. There are some resources listed in the assignment. Are we only supposed to use these or can we use others in our research? Thank you for your help! Best, Pete