Have an Interest in Pinterest?

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Pinterest is one of the new and upcoming social media sites that’s been around for a while, but not many people have really heard of it until recently. The purpose of Pinterest is to “pin” images and share things you are interested in visually. So in essence it is similar to “liking” things on Facebook; therefore, you are connecting with others through a common interest.

According to thelinkbuilders.com, Pinterest had around 11.7 million unique monthly users as of January 2012.

The set up behind Pinterest is simple; create a “pinboard” and “pin” video or images from the web or from other users to your “pinboard.” The social networking aspect is tied in through Facebook, Twitter, and through following other users or just specifically following “pinboards” you like. Plus, you can like and comment on other “pinboards” as well.

What makes this site so popular and attractive is the fact that it’s all visually appealing and thus makes it easy and user friendly. So, for companies like retailers, one can gain business from users “liking and “pining” their products on Pinterest.

What’s “likeable” on facebook?

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Many companies and small businesses try to gain business the best way they can through advertisement. One way they try to achieve this is by using social media networks. For example, getting Facebook users to “like” their business page. The purpose for this to simple, if you like something you are more prone to know about and use that companies product. As well as, the more people that “like” a company the bigger their fan base will grow and building a fan base is key for any company.

According to businessinsider.com, these are the top 20 fastest growing companies on Facebook.

Amazon – 14,475,623 “likes”
One way Amazon tries to increase its fan base, is by offering sweepstakes and giveaways. It is constantly updating its page with the latest offers and promotions to help their consumer find the best deals.

Target – 20,949, 376 “likes”
Offers its customer great deals on store items. Informs customer of their new sales, promotions, and deals. Provides consumers with sweepstakes to enter and win giftcards or other items.

Kohls – 9,417,477 “likes”
Keeps its customers informed of the latest styles and trends offered at Kohls. They also update their page with upcoming sales and promotions.

Bud Light – 5,077,491 “likes”
This is probably one of the fastest growing companies on Facebook. The biggest draw towards liking this page, is the “enter to win sweepstakes” for NFL tickets for life. It also presents fan base photos and will occasionally offer recipes.

Starbucks – 32,881,945 “likes”
Is not included as part of the businessinsider.com companies but still a highly likeable company on Facebook. Provides updates on promotions and seasonal coffees, enter to win sweepstakes, and a multitude of indulging photos that entice its consumer to want to buy Starbucks coffee. Starbucks also does some charity work. For example, Starbucks recently joined in to help with hurricane Sandy relief.

What do I like? Amazon and Starbucks. These are my top two favorite companies.

I am a devoted and loyal consumer of Starbucks coffee and I am always visiting Amazon’s website to see their great deals.

Use Toodledo with all your “To-do’s”

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Toodledo is an easy to-do list application tool that allows you to store all your tasks and organize them into folders. You can also organize them by tags, contexts, and subtasks. For each task, you can prioritize it based off of the importance or when it is due. You can also sort your task alphabetically, by due date, folder, priority list, and a few others.

One cool feature about Toodledo is that it will send reminders via email, text message, Iphone, Ipad app, or twitter account to let you know when something is due. The various account settings allow you to change how you view and interact with your to-do list. For example adding the trashcan icon is easy and helpful to delete unwanted tasks. Some of the more advance tools require the Pro version to access them. However, the basic setup is extremely handy in organizing all your task and homework assignments.


Toodledo is a modern day to-do list maker, instead of traditional pen and paper. This tool is very user friendly for both the business word and everyday use. Toodledo has some helpful list sorters to help you stay organized in completing your task. Toodledo helps its user by creating folders for each task, setting a hotlist, setting a priority for each task, and setting an alarm or reminder. All in all, Toodledo is a great tool to stay organized in your task.

For more information about how to use toodledo and how everything works visit http://www.toodledo.com/info/help.php. This website is very informative!

Social Media….research about your healthcare needs

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I find it crazy that so many people and businesses are connected with Social Media. As well as, that people turn to social media as a way to research and find answers about their healthcare issues. What ever happen to simply researching for information concerning healthcare/health issues in books or healthcare websites?


Who knew you could do so much with Twitter!

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After doing some research and reading through tons of social media tweets, I’ve found two great website that are full of information about Twitter.

First website is about how twitter is more than just tweeting. So many cool ways to use Twitter!
The other website is about monitoring how effect are your tweets. This is a great article for businesses!


Practice with links

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I am a student at Pellissippe State. Pellissippi is located in Knoxville. My favorite website is Amazon

What doesn’t taste better than pie?!?!

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Pie’s taste so good, especially those with chocolate and bourbon. In my video I decided to demonstrative on how to make an Kentucky pie with Bourbon. A Quick, simple and easy dessert that taste oh so yummy. Kentucky Pie with Bourbon

I hope you enjoy!






New Podcast….

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Starbucks Coffee!

Starbucks…what tastes so GOOD!

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I’m doing my podcast on the variety of starbucks coffee and what they have to offer.  Starbucks is well known for being everyone favorite cup of coffee. Starbucks offers many different kinds beverages.  I enjoy Starbucks and wanted to share what I like about Starbucks. I hope you enjoy.

Inspiring Video…

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I like looking at many different companies and the videos they have to offer. Starbucks has a new video out about their new coffee brewing system the “Versimo.” Tons of videos about new shows coming out this fall or returning shows starting this fall. But I found an inspiring video that touched my heart. It’s from a church here in Knoxville of their trip Southeast Asia. http://vimeo.com/48552130.

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