Doctor’s Visit

I went to my Gastro doctor for a checkup.  Basically it was to see if following the gluten-free diet made any changes in my life.

When the doctor came into the room he asked how I had been since he last saw me.  I told him that since eliminating gluten from my diet that the pain in my stomach/intestines had gone away, my headaches had lessened, my excema  had decreased in intensity, and even my middle-smertz had gone mostly away (I can still feel when I ovulate but it isn’t painful).   I also told him that when I either ate gluten on purpose or accident that I would have the excruciating pain in my intestines on the next day.  So I do try to avoid it.  He was surprised.  He did not believe that celiacs was what was trully wrong with me; he thought it was IBS.  He said a lot of people can text positive for celiacs and not ever show any symptoms.  So he really felt my symptoms would not change with the dietary changes.  He was happy that it had worked for me though.  He said he would like to see me in a year in case there was any new approaches or therapies for dealing with celiacs.


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Not the only one

I am not the first person with Celiacs, and I won’t be the last.  But I really find it hard giving up gluten.  Wheat tastes so good and is in everything (mildly exagerated, but only mildly).  It is hard finding things that taste good that are gluten free.

I am trying a new food called Quinoa (keen-wa).  I am not big on the texture, but maybe it will grow on me.  I didn’t like rice when I was a child, but I love it now (as long as it is not too mushy).

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Liver involvement in Celiacs

I found out today that the autoimmune disease, Celiac, can affect your liver if you do not refrain from consuming food and drinks that contain gluten.  Ouch, I really need to be more strict with my gluten-free diet.

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Hello world!

This is my first post.  I am not exactly sure where to start, but I am sure once I get on a roll things will go smoothly (fingers crossed).  Today I went to the doctor, because I am not feeling up to par.  Stepping on the scale was awful… In the passing of four months I have gained 10 pounds.  I am 5’6″ tall and now weigh 140 lbs.  Okay so I am not happy about that.  I hope with getting my villi back into working order that doesn’t mean that I will have problems with too much weight gain.  So I will have to check into that.  So now I have to make a plan to get more active, which may be hard with 5 children, school, their school, family life, etc.  But getting over-weight is not an option.  I would not survive it. 

The Triskets in the cabinet are screaming my name.  I have not touched one in two weeks.  I made the mistake of eating a Pringle the other day and paid for it all evening.  Who knew that Pringles had wheat in them.  So the stomach pain that had abated when I quit eating wheat came back that evening.  So now I will save my wheat cravings for something worth the pain, and only on some special occasion.

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