December 10, 2012

Final Blog Post

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First things first, I really enjoyed this class and the people I met while taking it.  I thought that we learned a lot of useful and interesting things.  Most of the things that I learned are going to greatly help me in my field of study and I have already applied them to other classes that I am taking.  Much of what I have learned can also be applied to my everyday life since every day I am using a computer or other device that this class applies to.  The activity that I enjoyed most was definitely the Lego NXT robots.  I found them very fun to build and even more fun to watch in action.  The programming aspect of these robots really helped me to understand other forms of programming and the basic rules for all programming.  I originally took this class to see if this was something I could see myself doing for a career and I do think that this is something that I would like to do.  It really sparks my interest like no other subject that I have encountered and I hope that I do become more and more interested as I move forward with this degree.  A lot of the people in the class were very helpful and willing to explain how to do things.  The two people I found most helpful were definitely Scottie and Niraj, anytime I had a question and asked they were willing to answer it.  Good luck to all in the class and I wish you all success in your future.

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November 28, 2012

Robots SON!

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Working with robotics was very interesting and rewarding experience.  The Lego Mindstorm robots were my first experience with robotics, building or programming them.  The building part of the robot was not very hard it just felt like I was playing with kin-ex or regular legos as I had many times before.  The programming was not very difficult either but it helped to understand how exactly a robot works and it gives an idea of how most programming languages work whether they are object oriented or not.  It is cool to see that robots are making their way in to our lives and soon they will be a part of our everyday lives.

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November 4, 2012

Randy Pausch

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This lecture showed me a lot about following your dreams and that you should keep on trying to accomplish these dreams no matter what.  He talks about brick walls and overcoming your own personal brick walls.  I feel that this lecture can relate to just about anyone because we all have our brick walls, but we may not know how to break through those walls.  Randy helps us to see that if we really want something that we must really work at it until we have achieved our goals and dreams.

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September 30, 2012

Assembly Language Simulator

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The Assembly Language Simulator was an interesting tool that is being used.  I kind of understand what it is doing when you use the simulator, that it creates code when you input a written program.

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September 26, 2012

Building a Computer

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Learning how to tear down a computer and put it back together was a very interesting experience.  Before doing this I had never taken parts out of a computer and didn’t have any idea how to do so.  My group was extremely helpful in taking apart the computer and putting it back together.  They were very knowledgeable about the parts and where they went.  I feel that we very successfully put the computer together and my understanding of how to do this has greatly increased.

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August 29, 2012

Goals and expectations

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I expect to learn about and gain a firm understanding of the topics that are going to be discussed in this class.

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