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My Experience in The Computer Science Class!!!!

Posted in Thoughts on April 29, 2010 by mgossinsky

My experience in the computer class was to get better chance at my career after I done from college. In the class I learned important stuffs about my major in college. Mr. Brown is great teacher to have teaching the the computer class, I have learned more things about computers science in one semster.

My interest in the computer science class is to learned the right stuffed for my major when I leave pellissippi to go to ITT Tech to finish my major and the goal, I have to move on in the world of computers. The computers get my get in my head when I took classes in High School for classes. The computer class I pick is keyboarding, web designs are choices for me to choose, which the school offer the students to take while they are there for fours years. That way I picked the career for computer science at Fulton High School.

My experience in the computer class was learning the hard thing about computers. The binary was to hard for me to learned because, it math and not my strength to learned the numbers that go into computers. Building a web page with tag on the web page, it harder when one person to think the computer is easy. Messing with the robots was fun, but programming the robots was pain when it move the wrong way or don’t want to follow the black line. It was fun to be in Mr. Brown class, he teach me a lot about computers and that would give me chance to get ahead in my major.

Virtual Reality

Posted in CSIT1110, Thoughts on April 23, 2010 by mgossinsky

Virtual Reality are faked because the other types of worlds are not same as we live in the real world. People who stay on computers playing computers games for twentry-four hours a day are freaked about have a life. It alrights to play like a hours but not to sleep or eat at the normal time of a day. Virtual Reality world are not the real world to live in and meet people because you don’t know them in the real world. You think you are having problems to stop playing the computers games. Such unplagged the computers or break it so you can stop playing twenty four hours.

Artificaial Intelligence!!!

Posted in Thoughts on April 23, 2010 by mgossinsky

I think of artificial intelligence is a robots try to learn how e do things. One thing do bother me about robots they can take over a human behaviors as they learned more thing about us. Watching movie about robots taking over the earth like “I Robot” they break the rules get their master commard and do whatever they want to do. Stop the making of the robots now!!!!!!

mess with robot!!!!

Posted in Thoughts on April 11, 2010 by mgossinsky

The robot was fun to mess around in class. The way it move forward and turn back around to us. The robot was hard to go on the black line because we didn’t have the right direction to tell want to do on the paper and going off the paper to the floor.

About computer hacking

Posted in Thoughts on April 11, 2010 by mgossinsky

 Computer hacking is a big crime for anyone who hack into the computer.

Scrath programming!!!

Posted in Thoughts on March 21, 2010 by mgossinsky

    I think the scrath programming is to good to learn. It will teach you to move the cat around the  computer screen and put more stuff on the background with the cat. I mess around with the scrath programming it was very simple to move the cat around and make it walk and run cross the computer screen. By watching Randy Pausch final video, he was so funny what he did in his life. He tell what happening when he try to work on the project get was secret. It was true that brink walls will stop you from your dreams and more things.

creating an HTML page!!!!!

Posted in Thoughts on March 6, 2010 by mgossinsky

My through was it was a challege for me to get it done. Then I figure it out the html by the teachers steps and the help of the teaher. Get change me in different ways of web!!!!

My exerience on HTML codes

Posted in Thoughts on February 28, 2010 by mgossinsky

It look very simify to do when I went to do the html page. finally I understand how to work the html page to insert the words in codes on friday. He has some time time to slow it the progress down to me to understand!!!!!!

My exerience on the Assembly Language Simular!!!

Posted in Thoughts on February 12, 2010 by mgossinsky

It was very simple to use the assembly language simulator. putting in the instruction to get the machine code to write down on paper.  And the assembly language was hard to put in the box, that you put the number first then the code like READ 15  into the box. pushing the assembly bottom to get the machine code,then push the load bottom and run bottom on the The Assembly Language Simulator.

How I build the computer!!!

Posted in Thoughts on February 7, 2010 by mgossinsky

First you look for a computer case, I found alien style computer case on google search. The second Next step is get power supply to put in the computer case to hve power for the computer, it called 550 watts 20/24 pin power supply. Third step is get a CD player to run CD, I found a DVD player to put in the computer to watch videos. And other part that go in the computer is the mother board and memory that work the computer to work well!!!!!

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