Final thought on CSIT1110

I think that the class has really been interesting, and even though i’m pretty savvy, i was impressed about how far technology had come and how far it will go in the future.

I’m not sure if its something i perceived as sentimental, but around the end of the class, it was starting to become Pseudo-religious to me, possibly because i’m really into the ‘virtual reality’ trend in second life, and speaking about second life, the class has really help with my confidence as far as scripting things goes, with Second Life’s LSL-type scripting.

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Virtual Reality & Gaming

This is actually a week i’ve been waiting for since the very very beginning of class. I regularly spend quite a bit of time creating different personas, and different characters on second life, and aside from that, i’ve probably played an unhealthy dose of MMORPGs as well. In second life, to support my spending within the game, i make textures, Images that can be applied to things to give a more customized look. They can be applied to any object within the game to give it a more fleshed out look, BUT with my skills and tools, I can make textures for complicated objects (though it takes forever), and textures that can be applied to avatars themselves, alot of people like to have custom patterns made for different detail marks on themselves, like scars or tattoos, and I dig it.

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Artificial Intelligence

One thing that caught my interest from the very beginning, and has fueled many heated debates with my roommate is the singularity. and we constantly joke about who will really survive the rise of the machines, and if it were to happen how him and i would become mortal enemies. I honestly think the idea of absorbing and augmenting myself with technology is an absolutely beautiful idea. My computer is indeed my most valuable tool and a part of my career and also a system of my entertainment, but what about my livelihood. My roommate would argue that computers break, which is true, but humans break quite easily too and with technology growing alot more rapidly than… well.. NATURE, it would certainly prove to be a very interesting field

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I really think i’ve come quite far, as far as computers and technology, and phones and security and all that stuff goes. but i’m so incredibly humbled by the idea of completely unmanned machines. Moreover the idea of a sensory device that allows something completely unmanned to fully analyze and act with it’s environment. To be honest its a little disheartening to see how far away the limit truly is and exactly where you stand in comparison, At the moment, i’m fretting over not knowing all the differen specifiable queries in SQL.

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Security & malware & hacking

I do consider myself internet and computer savvy, but i’m always advising people that aren’t that always seem to get bad adware from downloading various pointless widgets and pornography. So in a way i become important because of all this stuff. Stupidity and greed have become part of human nature it seems, so i think it’s innevitable that someones going to try and make a buck off someone gullible enough to fall for such a thing.

Hacking though, i suppose i wouldn’t really care if somebody rummaged through my e-mail account, if they’d enjoy my Wendy’s e-mail vouchers then they should go for it. Lucky me nexon has a system in place which freaks out and verifies everytime i sign on from a different IP address, and my virtual goods are just about the only thing that i care about online. I understand how different people would have different things they want kept secret but I would also advocate a rogue hacking some ‘official’s e-mail account and uncovering some sort of grand embezzlement or some conspiracy.

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HTML again

As someone thats probably overly familiar with html via the countless hours I spent on various forums and profile websites, infuriating, and an actual HTML high-school course, making a webpage from scratch was somewhat easy with a little page for reference on just hit and miss things that i’ve forgotten, because I forget the various formulas that i use everyday when i was in a calculus class. Honestly, the roughest part of it was thinking up stuff to put in it, except for the things involving second life, i could probably fill a website to it’s viewers attention span with things from secondlife.

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Week 3, Creating a computer

Lo and behold the regulator of modesty of my machine, built of both brilliance and barbarity. Aside from a nice glare this skin allows it seven full-size expansion ports and two USB ports hidden within. Though frightening, this is also economical. It contains its own source of power at the price of $39.99 and $9.99 ($49.98.)

I let the skin of this beast choose its own soul (via bottom-of-the-page recommendations) and i was not displeased. At a charge of $49.99 and $1.99 shipping ($101.96) it offers enough room for 8 gigabytes of Ram, when only 3 is enough to get me, a multitasking MMO-nut, satisfied. It is also capable of receiving LAN of up to 1,000 megabytes (just under 1 gigabyte a second) and has three additional USB ports.

Such a beautiful machine already, with a deadly mind, These devices will provide me with not what i need, but what I want, and then provide what i need to evolve further. This is provided at a hefty, but worth it, $89.99 ($79.99 after mail-in rebate) and free shipping ($181.95)

My selected Hard Drive also serves the purpose of the machine and contributes 500 Gigabytes of space for me to store on at the price of $89.99 and free shipping ($271.94)

And last but not least is the video card, capable of supporting all my creature comforts and High-detail MMOs. Because the Shadow effect in star craft 2 IS IMPORTANT TO THE STORYLINE. $289.99 dollars, and $29.99 ($591.92)

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Week 2 of CSIT 1110

Binary code was something that i used to be somewhat familiar with, as a sort of party trick of translating numbers into ones and zeroes. It was a neat party trick, but since, i’ve forgotten a few key points of the binary system.  As you add multiple digits, in the tens place you double the ones place and in the hundreds place you double the tens place, which is how i’ve grown to translate it. However from a lack of doing it in a while, i made a simple mistake, just counting up, rather than doubling with the hex system as more digits are added.

Its a good thing i had some javascript program up that would  translate binary code to the decimal system; From 1011, i came up with  7, and the computer came up with 11, so the problem was easily figured out from there, after checking a few other javascript programs, ofcourse.

All of this was before the lecture, beforehand i only knew how to translate numbers into binary code, and i knew that it was possible with letters, i just didn’t know the specifics of it.  Something new that i learned from it though, is translating sound and image into those numbers.

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Initial thought on CSIT1110

“What is a computer” “Virtual reality & gaming” “Social Implications of a computer” a few things that made me chuckle a bit to myself when i asked myself “Are they really making me take a course on this?”  I’ve been around computer around my early childhood and have had an addiction to MMORPGs since i was 11. My computer prowess has labeled me the go to guy for computer trouble and information within my family and the circle of friends of the already inclusive, right next to “uncle jim” who has a degree from ITT tech.

I kind of liked the thought really, of having a kind of simple class with which i can improve my GPA but upon the first day of the class, so I approached it on good terms and found little bits and pieces of information that will probably stick with me, such as the theory of a computers power of processing slowly doubling at a rate of 18 to 24 months. As an MMORPG and video game addict this serves to excite me more than a majority of society probably, and perhaps only less than the people who are creating this next big step and the people who will bank on it.

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