Linkedin………To Link or Not to Link

Linkedin is a professional social network used for many purposes. Businesses or individuals can make connections from this site. They have helpful tools to increase traffic for small businesses. This is a professionals social connection for many different things, like jobs, resources in multiple industries, similar businesses or individuals with similar interests, and more.
I would like to share a little of what people have said about Linkedin. The reviews give a mixed emotion of their usefulness. Many have addressed concerns regarding information that is found on this site being unverified. This is a genuine concern, as this type of information can be misleading and damaging in many ways. People have addressed great despair in their emails being abused. Many have stated not to give your email to them as they will send tons of junk emails to you, even after you unsubscribe. This is not as professional as I would expect from such a network as Linkedin. There is also discussion of the high cost to use their best tools. It seems as if this is more of an executive site than anything. There is also positive feedback, so I do not want anyone to completely rule out Linkedin. Some have spoke of jobs received courtesy of Linkedin, and how innovative they are. Linkedin has been a great site for many to make connections, understand from others experiences how to better utilize social networking, and much more. So do not rule them off of your social list, as they may be just what you are looking for.

Best Buy has an interesting Facebook page they utilize for advertising and much more. They utilize this page to help other keep up with their race teams, to educate us about their Reward Zone program, to gain support for their charities, and much more. XBox utilizes Facebook mainly for advertisement, and for ratings on their products to help increase sales. I was not all that impressed with their utilization of Facebook, therefore I have nothing more to say about them. Starbucks covers job opportunities, upcoming events, advertising, and much more. You may see where they are all over the world. They also have what they call “pinterests”. This is where people have posted favorite sayings and more. Red Bull covers the same as most of these businesses on their Facebook page. They cover jobs, advertisement, the athletes they sponsor, and more. They have some fantastic videos on their page that you must check out for yourself. They list video games among other things as well. I give their page a thumbs up! I decided to check out the IPhone Facebook page, and was very disappointed. Their page is very boring and they should be ashamed of themselves. As such a highly technologically advanced company as they are, I expected much more from their page. How does such an icon such as Apple let their IPhone page be so lame? I have already liked Red Bull, as I love their videos among other things about their page.

Never Fear, Google Tasks is Here

Jaclyn Covington and I did some research on a cool new tool that Google came out with. It’s called Google Tasks and this blog post describes the tool and what we think of it.

I want to share with all of you, the Google Tasks tool. This is a great tool for staying on top of your tasks for the day, week, month, and even the year. This is a tool offered through Gmail, which allows you to create as many tasks as needed. As you complete the tasks you
have loaded, you can check them off as done, and they are removed from the task list. You can also share tasks, create tasks from emails sent to you, and more.

If you have way too many things to keep up with like me, this tool is a must. If someone sends you an email about a concert coming up, you can turn this email into a task and set for the date of the concert. This way there is a reminder for when the concert is, so do not miss out. You may attach notes to these tasks as well. Check out Google tasks for yourselves, the instructions are easy to follow.

Everything Google comes out with is amazing! I like the fact that it syncs perfectly with e-mails that are already in your inbox. It also works with Google Calendar. The only downside of Google Tasks is that I had to switch to “Standard View” in my e-mail to get it to work
properly. Overall, it is an extremely useful tool. I would recommend this tool to anyone who has a busy schedule.

What is this? Come on, Someone Tell Me

Someone tell me that this is not interesting.

Jaclyn tweeted this, and I have to say that it lays out the map for media success in businesss. This social media landscape not only gives you a guide to follow, but shows how facebook and other social media resources became so successful. The layout ranges from games for boredom, links to shop, and more. This mix draws people in for various reasons maximizing its potential.

I am a student at Pellissippi State. Pellissippi is located in Knoxville. My favorite site is YouTube.

Twitter…….I Never Realized How Big It Was

There is this gentleman, Maurice Freedman, who has some very interesting links telling you about how to utilize social media to its fullest. There is one article from Social Media Marketing, on how to properly utilize Linkedin. Although some of the tips seem like common sense, I was impressed, as I had not really thought about the five tips listed. Read these for yourself and enjoy!

Social Media B2B also covers a wide variety of discussions in regards to the business world, and social media. There is an article written by Kipp Bodnar, that discusses the top ten reasons business to business companies are failing in this field. He explains the importance of constantly posting, as once a month will not cut it. Many more interesting discussions to read, do not stop here.

The article “The Evolution of Digitial Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]”, by Scott, covers the evolution of our technology, and the birth of social media. I had never heard of half the media outlets listed. I just found this interesting.


Finally!! I Popped My YouTube Cherry

I have a great way for all to save money, worry less, and arrive with confidence wherever you go. Check this out to see how.


Knoxville Restaurant News Podcast

This podcast will make anyone hungry! So many choices, so little time. We hope that you enjoy this, and get the opportunity to check this out.

Have to love a cow on a mission

Why I chose to go to Chic-fil-A to watch videos is beyond me, but the more interesting of my choices nonetheless. I love how their site is set up a page solely for the cows and their campaign. I watched many of the commercials on here and laughed remembering when I first saw them. Ironically, I find myself craving a Chic-fil-A sandwich and some waffle fries now!

Podcast. No longer virgin to the concept

This is the first time I had ever listened to a podcast and was impressed by how informative these can be and being able to learn by listening while doing other tasks. I found a podcast interview by Shane Gibson, about Zack Bello and his social media masterpiece. His team created a phenominal social media program for Lebanon Ford. His creation has been responsible for an extreme increase of online sales, and sales overall. Zack Bello thoroughly walks you through the steps to help build your social media network. I think I may have found something I can appreciate about social media….kind of growing on me.