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#PSCCEdChat Faculty and Student Technology Survey

EDUCAUSE performs a student technology survey each year to give schools and faculty deeper insight into how technology is used on campus and in the every day lives of both students and faculty.

Lets get our own technology conversation started here at Pellissippi State by participating in this years survey. By completing the survey Pellissippi will not only be contributing to the national information but the school will also receive it’s own report. The report includes information such as how important technology is to the survey participant, how technology is used, what devices are owned, how each type of device is used, what drives the use of the device, and more.

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Collaboration software abounds–mostly free!

The MakeUseOf folks have done us all a favor. They pulled together in one article The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team. At Pellissippi State, we have other tools that are available, of course, but sometimes you may need to meet virtually with people who don’t have access to those proprietary tools. For instance, TN eCampus makes frequent use of as a quick, easy way for connecting without having to have special software, login codes, etc.

As I look over their list, I realize I’ve used five of the six they recommend, though several have gone by the wayside in my personal toolbox. I have to wonder why they did not include Zoom, which seems to be equally useful. Hmmmm. I don’t even see it in the comments, although there are a half dozen alternatives offered there. Any ideas?

The Mobile Fellows blog hasn’t been very active this term–personally, I have been completely covered up, and I know that everyone else has too. We will try to remedy that in the coming days.

Ep. 37 – Mobile Talk: Separating personal and college communication

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In this episode of Mobile Talk, Donn and Mark talk about whether you can keep personal and professional communication (like email and Facebook postings) separate, whether you should if you can, and how you can (if you can and should).

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Mobile Talk is coming!

For those who watch for it: we haven’t posted a Mobile Talk in a couple of weeks. Quite frankly, we have been overwhelmed. But there will be a new episode posted next Tuesday, so watch for it!

Techy Tool Time with Rachel: Using Tech to Destress, get focused


2016-11-09-16-20-34Hello Everyone!!! I didn’t go live today, ya know that fall “sickness” is going around and I just could not say one more word today. Insert shock here! This time of year a lot of stress starts to hit people. For me, I feel the pressure of the grading timeline remaining for the rest of the semester, preparing final grades, the idea of being with so many family members in one room for Thanksgiving, completing my projects at my house before the winter, starting my Christmas shopping, and I’m sure you all could add to the list. With these stressers, I tend to get distracted easily. Everyone says that your tech devices are event more of a distraction. But since I keep a device around me I thought maybe I could use my device to help me stay focused, destress, or just take a moment for myself. This is what I came up with.

With these stressers, I tend to get distracted easily. Everyone says that your tech devices are even more of a distraction. But since I keep a device around me I thought maybe I could use my device to help me stay focused, destress, or just take a moment for myself. This is what I came up with.

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Techy Tool Time with Rachel: D2L, Word, MarkDown and Accessibility

D2L is an integral part of my course and my students’ experience in my classes. I typically have announcements, pre-lecture assignments, homework assignments, supplemental information,additional practice and possibly more. Editing these materials and putting them into D2L was typically laborious due to having multiple sections of each course and in some cases, I didn’t care for how the look of the document turned out. Now adding making sure my documents are accessible (read:: designed universally to maximizing all students ability to learn)… It is all so easily overwhelming to me. But here are two ideas I’ve been tinkering with to help solve some of these issues.

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Techy Tool Time with Rachel: Chrome Extensions


This week on Techy Tool Time I talk about my top 8  Chrome Extensions and what I like about them!

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Ep. 36 – Mobile Talk: Tips on setting up Facebook Live

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Donn shares an insight in setting up Facebook Live for having a little more control and using a tripod or selfie stick to hold your cell phone.

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Techy Tool Time with Rachel: Random Tech Ideas for Mobile Fellows

I wanted to share a few of these ideas I’ve been having recently that involve mobile tools. Some of these are big and some of these are small but maybe they could all be explored through the mobile fellows program? Maybe they are all crap and do not need to be explored at all……but how will we ever know if we do not explore!?  Here’ s a list of the few idea I mention in the video.  And below that is additional information on applying for the PSCC mobile fellows program.  Continue reading

Ep. 35 – Mobile Talk: Deadline Extension and VR

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We have extended the deadline on the application for next year’s Mobile Fellows–the semester has just been so busy, we know several folks with worthy projects missed the original deadline. You now have until Oct. 21 to submit a project for consideration, and today’s Mobile Talk episode may give you some ideas! In this episode, Donn talks about some Virtual Reality tools that could be useful. Plus: we are considering discontinuing the audio version of Mobile Talk, since so often what we talk about doesn’t mean much unless we have video. What do you think? Give us some feedback!

You can watch the video version on either our Facebook Page (like us while you’re there–but it’s public, so you don’t even have to have a Facebook account) or our YouTube Channel. Listen to the audio below, or subscribe to us on iTunes! Thanks!


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