CSIT223008 Dec 2013 02:33 pm

Alright, so we were instructed to treat our final blog post as a reflection(meaning looking back at how we saw web development)post. This,of course, means thinking back to what we knew as well as what all we learned through out the semester.With that being said I will now begin.

The Beginning…
I will first start off by saying that this course was by far the most rewarding course I have had within the whole time I have been in college.When I first read everything that we would be covering throughout the semester I was a little worried about how well I would do seeing as the only actually programming course I had taken was intro to java where as most of the others may have had more programming knowledge.

But after the first couple weeks of the semester I was surprised at how well I was doing with understanding the material as well as the assignments. Even if those weeks were mainly just coming up with what we wanted to create for the semester while going over the basics. When I first started on my site I realized that I wasn’t sure how to position each element correctly. I honestly did not realize that we could have a file that had each elemental assigned(This is of course CSS).

Chapter One…

So the first exam was coming up where we would be presenting to our class what our site looks like thus far. Of course considering this was only the first exam our site was not going to be finished. But I could tell everyone was nervous about getting up in front of the class and presenting something that they have put so much effort in. Looking back at the first exam now, I realize that feeling was unnecessary…but yet necessary. Deep down everyone is a competitive person despite what they say. So I guess what I am trying to get at is this nervous feeling was unnecessary but to remove the competitive aspect(in a sense of making someone realize that we are all equals) it is necessary to show that nervousness. A good example would be like this: Someone you know that is way smarter then you. But you notice that they made..say..a C on a test and you made a B. that nervousness feeling is now gone as well as that competitive feeling. If this comes off as just me rambling on I do apologize. Its much harder to explain this then I original thought.

Chapter two…

So once the first exam was over with we began getting into the good stuff like JavaScript, Ajax, etc… First off was JavaScript which I had no clue about aside from what I have heard from others about how similar it is or how easy it is. But after the week we discussed on it I felt a little bit more at ease with the language. There are still of course some things that I am unsure about. But I will be going over it more after this semester.
After JavaScript we went over many other topics, If I had to choose my favorite out of all of them it would have to be Ajax/Jquery. I really love how you can make pages much more dynamic using them. Not to mention how easy they were to understand.

As for my least favorite, it would have to be SQL/PHP. It took me much longer to fully grasp the basics of PHP then I hoped it would. as for SQL..it really isn’t a issue with understanding the syntax. I just wasn’t a big fan of databases until this course so I had a mental block I guess when it came to using that with PHP. Of course PHP has so much information about it that we were not able to cover all of it to begin with so I will also be taking a course that covers it primarily the following semester.

the End…?

Moving on farther down the semester past the second exam we were told to figure out what all we want to do with our site as a “contract” for the final exam. So of course our final exam was to be graded based on what we discussed with dr. brown and how much of that “contract” we managed to finish.Mine was that I needed more Database interaction. So we agreed on creating a discussion board. Now a discussion board is not exactly a forum. its more of a step towards one. Basically the step process of a forum is like this:

  • comment section(someone can leave a message)
  • discussion board(a user can create a “topic” that other users can then “comment” under.
  • Forum(Users can create topics under set “categories” of which then users can “comment” on.


Sadly, I wasn’t able to fully complete my “contact” . I was able to complete the look of the boards page as well as allowing users to create topics and add replies under those topics. I was not however able to implement the function to allow users to edit there own posts or delete their posts. Given the amount of time I spent on trying to figure out how to this I was pretty disappointed with myself naturally..

However, looking back at the contract now I realize that I do feel like I accomplished a great deal of work towards my site given my knowledge I began with at the start of the semester. Now I may not be a expert in all of these fields but I do believe that I am now able to expand my knowledge much easier then I would be able to if I had not taken this course.

Well There you have it. This is my final blog post for this semester/course. For those of you who do read this I hope it eases any nervous feeling or doubts you may have about this course.
Don’t turn you back on this course..Don’t turn your back on your future…

CSIT223025 Nov 2013 03:31 pm

Alright so this week we were mainly just left to finish what we have left for the site and of what we agreed we would be working on.

Site progress(Forum)

My site progress so far has been limited since I am having issues getting the tables to connect properly. I have the forum page setup, I am just having issues with figuring out how to implement the options:

  • edit
  • delete posts.

At first I thought I had it figured out but for some reason it didn’t work properly so I had to go back to the “drawing board” pretty much.

CSIT223018 Nov 2013 03:39 am

Alright so this week we discussed mobile applications as well as google chrome extensions.Sadly, I myself was unable to fully grasp phone gap at first. So I will obviously have to go back and look at it later on. The first thing I wanted to complete this week was my “contract” which took a little longer then I thought. About half way through the week I decided to find a tutorial to help with the initial creation. With that being said I did not just copy/paste the source code since whats the point in doing that if it doesn’t teach you anything? Anyways, now that I am done rambling I can go on to my site progress.


Site Progress:

It took me some time to get everything layed out for my message board. I will be updating this post with pictures of the register page. I may provide pictures of the others(the board itself for example) but right now I would rather not link images of the pages that still need to have some CSS color and so forth still.

CSIT223010 Nov 2013 01:15 pm

This week we are to come up with what we want to accomplish on our site with the remaining weeks of the semester. Monday we reviewed our comments some and then mainly discussed what we have learned this semester and how we should not limit ourselves to just the material we have covered in a nutshell so to speak.
With that being said, I will now go over what my “contract” is for the next couple weeks:

Discussion board

over the next couple weeks I will be changing/removing the comment page and replacing it with a discussion board instead. This of course means that I will be scrapping the idea of adding a forum through another site. Which to be completely honest is a good choice to make since using another site to host a forum page doesn’t really teach you anything about creating/managing one. Anyways, I suppose I should do a break down of what I will aim to accomplish during the weeks remaining.

Week by week break-down

week 12

Next week(week 12) of this semester I will be aiming to have the following completed for the discussion board:

  • Complete layout of the databases worked out.
  • The over all look of the discussion board.

week 13

I am planning to have this week setup mainly for adding the link to the discussion board as well as cleaning up the code in all of my pages to assure that no errors happen when navigating through out the site. With that being said I will also be removing the log-in feature at the start of the page and setting it up where the comment tab currently is. So basically this will be the week that I will apply and debug the discussion board. Or well that is the plan anyways!

week 14

I don’t really have much planned for this week in terms of just the discussion board..But I am sure I will end up using this week to finish the last couple touches of the site itself as well as finishing up whatever other assignments we will come across this week. Not to mention this is the last week before the final exam presentation.

CSIT223030 Oct 2013 06:51 am

Alright so this week was the week of our second exam. So that means we are to post what all we have accomplished from our last exam. In our last Exam blog post we were instructed to provide what we would be working on to accomplish before the next exam. So I will first begin with providing the information i gave in the exam one post so you wont have to scroll back and forth.

What I planned to have on my site for this exam:

  • I plan on having my game list contain 5 game links that lead to a individual page for that game within my sites domain
  • I plan on having a database linked for user log-ins
  •   more site functionality
  •  add more aesthetics to the whole site.
  • videos for how some speed run glitches are preformed(most likely just the extremely difficult ones that require more then a “how to” sentence/paragraph)
  • under each of the games own respective page I will be adding a comment section that requires user log in. this feature will be contained in its own page that you will be able to get to via a drop down menu. This will be one of the reasons a log-in will be used for.

Okay so now on to what all I accomplished from that list:

Game List:

When I first started off I had a decent list on my games page that linked to Wikipedia for that game. The purpose of all that was just to be a “filler” content to provide the class a better understanding of what I was wanting the page to be like. I obviously did not plan to have all of those games completed by the time of the second exam.This is because with me doing the research on each of those games and “weeding out” the tricks that aren’t speed-run related would take so much time that it would not be possible with the amount of weeks we had till the next review.However, I did want to have at least five games on my site.
Sadly, I was only able to complete three of the five. This is because of two things:

  1. the week we went into PHP/SQL I had to prioritize what needed to be completed in order to keep up/understand the material so that way I would not fall behind.
  2. I ran into a “brick wall” on finding the content for some of the games. Meaning I did not have sufficient information to add it to the site.

Database for logging in:

I did manage to implement a log in feature connected to a database.

Site Functionality:

I did manage to add some site functionality. However, I did not get the chance to complete the functionality to it’s fullest extent that I wanted to before the second exam. So I will be aiming to get that working in the next couple weeks. But anyway here is the functionality:

  • Being able to load a table of only the top speed run record from a database on the game page for the Games I managed to complete.
  • Provide the option to view a table format of the speed run records for that game on the “home page” of each games individual webpage.
  • I also managed to set up a side panel navigation menu where you can collapse each of the lists within it for quicker navigation.

Videos on how to preform the tricks:

Obviously I was able to do this. I did however have to settle for ones that did not have any commentary since for a lot of the tricks they are pretty simple so the players believed that it did not need any.

Comment section:

I initially wanted to have a comment section for each of the games own page. However I was having difficulties doing it. So I chose to keep it simple and have it on the sites main page. This may be subject to change if I get the chance to look at it in the next couple weeks.

User Profile:

Now this is something that I did not mention in the post of what I was planning on doing. this is for a one reason:

  1. I did not plan to have a profile settings option seeing as how my site is built.

However, When we went over databases I realized that I would need to have a log in feature and attach a profile settings page along with it. As of right now the profile page has only two options:

  1. Change E-mail
  2. Add a youtube/twitch stream channel.

Sadly, Both of those as of right now do not really do much for the site itself. What I am wanting to do is this:

Stream option:

For the add a stream channel option I want to have it setup to where the database that it is in(which is the user profile database) to populate the “stream channel” page on my site. I believe I have figured out how to do this. but this was like the day of the second Exam turn in. So of course I was unable to implement it before.

Change E-mail:

I was planning on having this setup to where the user could be E-mailed information that has changed on the site if the user wants. But this is also subject to change. It first started off as me testing it out with database forms.


CSIT223027 Oct 2013 11:55 am

Alright so this week we discussed JQuery and what all we need to use it for on our assignment this week. But first, what is JQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight, “write less, do more”, JavaScript library. So basically The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website.

This weeks Assignment:

Create a page that includes a JQuery animation and data returned from an AJAX query.The page should include:

  1. a way for a user to enter data used by the query
  2. the query should return information from your database
  3. show the data using a JQuery animation(either as an information reveal or using the query data to control an aspect of the animation.
  4. and of course Provide an explanation on the page that describes how you addressed the requirements of the problem and a link from your blog post to the page.



My Sites progress for this week:

alright so I have been having some issues this week getting the assignment to work correctly with my site. Right now I am still trying to allow a user to post comments that is tracked in a database. but anyways I have completed some stuff none the less.

  1. Finished filling in the content for the three game pages(CSS,HTML,JS)
  2. added a animation on the mainpage of the games individual site(JQuery)










CSIT223020 Oct 2013 04:50 pm

Alright so we have received a decent amount of work to do this week:

  1. Do the HTML5 Tutorial
  2. take the HTML5 quiz and document it in our blog
  3. build our database and document its status in our blog
  4. Get at least one(or two) screens working with your database(not counting the login process screen)
  5. and of course the code we will be submitting so far will be apart of the 2nd exam that will be graded based on:
  • Functionality
  • Quantity
  • Documentation


Alright so with that said Let me discuss what all I managed to accomplish this week:

  • Created my log-in database via php/sql
  • Created my Game Record database via ajax/php/sql
  • Created my third game page layout via CSS/Javascript/HTML
  • Changed how my Game page looks in order to fit the form containing my Game Records database.
  • Added a “Profile” drop-down menu to the navigation bar with the choices of logging out or to change settings
  • Cleaned up my code some in order for better understanding to the “trained eye” so to speak.

My Database:
Alright, so I chose to setup my database to where it will allow a user to select a game from a drop down list. Once the user selects a game from the list a table of the record time and the name of the player who currently holds the record.











CSIT223013 Oct 2013 03:38 pm

This week we were to finish up getting to know how SQL works as well as setting up a database system for our site. As of right now my database will be just for handling user login.


My database!

my database consists of the basic layout that the tutorial came with pretty much. the name of the table is “users” and it has the following fields:

  • id
  • username
  • password
  • email
  • join date
  • stream

the primary key is “id”(The PRIMARY KEY constraint uniquely identifies each record in a database table.)
the foreign key is “username”(A FOREIGN KEY in one table points to a PRIMARY KEY in another table.)

The only field that was not in the tutorial is “stream” I added this because I would like for users to be able to add their twitch.tv/youtube.com url address to their profile. however I am having issues getting it to save to the database.


This weeks progress!

Alright so far I have not been able to add on to the database feature aside from the already inserted email. I have been trying to allow the user to add their twitch.tv URL to their profile but it doesn’t update on the database for some reason. I have been messing around/reading up on how to do so and so far I have had no luck. hopefully i’ll be able to get this working by next week. But here is what I have accomplished this week.

  • Added a toolbar navigation for the game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” with an collapse elements via javascriptOOT_image
  • Added a background to the main website with a transparency via CSShomepage_image
  • Added a database to handle user login(once again still working on getting features to work for the profile) via PHP/SQL
CSIT223006 Oct 2013 11:02 am

Alright, so this week we talked about PHP as well as our exam peer reviews. I have to say that I am still a little confused with what I will be using PHP for on my site. But anyways let’s start off with what comments I received on my exam peer review.

Exam Comments: 

For the comments I will be posting them in order of most commented on to least commented on just for a more clear explaination that I will be giving following the list.

  • issues with the background image interfering with the font
  • lacking in some functionality
  • game list links leading to other sites instead of keeping the information within my sites domain
  • not sure what the sign in feature will be used for
  • aesthetics-add some color,transparencies etc…

As I mentioned during my presentation the background image is going to be a obstacle for me since it does interfere with the font. I did receive one to two reviews explaining that I could just add a logo in the background instead of going with a actual background image. I have thought about doing that and I may just do that with the individual game pages that I am working on. However, I will be keeping the background image setup for the main sites layout since I simply love the way it looks and I just can’t stand having a color for a background of it.

As for the site lacking in some functionality, I do agree with that and I am working on that as well. I am not use to java script so I am still going through the learning process of it and I will admit I am having some issues with it. hence the lack of there being a whole lot on my first presentation. With that being said I do expect to get some help with it and having more functionality to my site by the next presentation!

Game list links leading off site instead of keeping the information within my sites domain. At the time I was still gathering the information for the games I will be covering this semester but I did not want to stand up in front of everyone with it just being a list. I felt that it would be much better to show that I will be having the game list linked to their own individual page with a different menu and what not.

issues with what the sign in feature will be used for. This is a tricky one, I really do want my site to have a log in feature. but with how the site is going to be I am not 100% sure if It would really need one. What I am thinking about doing is having the log in feature be required for a user to leave a comment on the site under the games respective page. At first I thought about having the site setup to where you would have to be logged in to see some of the pages but I feel like that is more of a “hey you want to know how to do some of this stuff? then you have to be logged in idiot” kind of thing.
And for those of you who want me to include a forum of some sort I have also created a file for that but I haven’t put much work into it yet since it was original not in my intention to have one.

Last but not least is aesthetics. This is basically the same reason as the reason why I had my game links going off the site. I just wanted to have the general design with some static content so that way it would be more pleasing to the eye to see during the presentation.


My site so far!




This is the page where I will be keeping the Games my site will be covering. I will be setting the names up with a link that will take the user to the games webpage where I will cover the speed run information for it.

This is the basic layout of what I am aiming for each of the games I will be covering on my site this semester.

This is the basic layout of what I am aiming for each of the games I will be covering on my site this semester. up in the navigation menu under the “glitches” drop-down menu will be how the user will navigate from certain types of glitches used as well as a “comment/request” page.


This is the tools page. Right now it currently has all the tools you might want for recording/timing your speed run. I may have this page updated with more information in the near future


This page consists of players who are usually streaming speedruns. This page may have a add/remove feature later on


This page is basically just explaining my site and how to get in contact with me for any questions/requests


And last but not least, the log in page. On this page a user will be able to log in which will allow them to use certain features the site will have to offer. As of right now I am still working on the features so it does not do anything at the moment.



What I am aiming to accomplish by the next Exam:

What I am going to aim to accomplish with my site by the next exam will be broken up into two categories Expected and attempted  where expected represents what my main goal is and attempted being what I have taken into consideration into trying out on the site from reading the first exam review comments(a forum page for instance).

Expected additions:

  • I plan on having my game list contain 7-10 game links that lead to a individual page for that game within my sites domain
  • I plan on having a database linked for user log-ins
  • as I said I will be adding more site functionality
  •  add more aesthetics to the whole site.
  • videos for how some speed run glitches are preformed(most likely just the extremely difficult ones that require more then a “how to” sentence/paragraph)
  • under each of the games own respective page I will be adding a comment section that requires user log in. this feature will be contained in its own page that you will be able to get to via a drop down menu. This will be one of the reasons a log-in will be used for.




Attempted additions:

  • Forum page
  • I would like to be able to have my game search setup to where the content changes as the person types in the name of the game(ajax)
  • One addition to the site that I would like to have is to have a RSS feed. but I haven’t come across any that is speed run related.
  • a “challenge” page where a certain requirement will be randomly generated that would let users see if they are able to complete the task.




CSIT223022 Sep 2013 02:52 pm

Alright, So throughout these past few weeks I have put quite a bit of effort in getting my site to look nice for the first review of it.
for those of you who have not checked out my site,I have chosen to make my landing page have a week by week break down of my work on my site. But just to make things smoother I will list what all my goal was :

  • Create a Navigation menu
  • come up with a good background instead of just sticking with a solid color(so a image for the background)
  • Provide a decent amount of games that speed runs are preformed via table or list format.
  • have a method for a user to quickly search through the lists of games(search bar/tags)
  • Create a log in screen.

Alright so on to summing everything all together:

Navigation menu:

Alright so I chose to have my navigation menu aligned Horizontally.I thought about having it expand across the full page, but I decided that with my background image it would be more appealing with it  in the “container”  since you can actually see the background better.

Game list:

As for the game list, I decided to stick with them being in the table format instead of just a list. I believe it is the better of the 2 choices.

Search bar:

Eventually when I have the rest of the games up I will be able to work on the search bar option. just haven’t had the time to get to it. that and i believe creating a database for it will be better once i figure it out.

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