Stirling Castle!

Although we visited Stirling castle some time ago, I wanted to share it with all of you. The castle rests near the famous battle sites of Stirling bridge and Bannockburn; where the Scots were led by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce respectively to victory. Anyway that’s enough history, since I assume we have all seen Braveheart.

King and Queens Throne

Great Hall

View from Stirling Castle

You can see the Wallace Monument in the distance on a hill to the right.

And now for some more stills from the Wallace Monument!

Wallace Monument

Whew! I hope you like all the photos! Hopefully they speak for themselves! I’ll have another video blog if I can sort out the audio issues! See you soon!

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Welcome to Scotland!

Since I’m a little behind in updating everyone on the wonderful adventures I’ve been on traversing the Scottish land, I thought start with my first day in this beautiful country!

The entire TNCIS group landed in Glasgow, but we were quickly whisked away via a bus and were quickly traveling the Scottish country side along the, windy M8!

We took a small break from traveling at Loch Lomond

Our final stop for the day was basically a castle nestled in the lush and green countryside. Although I was exhausted I can’t help but notice and appreciate the innate majestic nature of Scotland.

It was a great start to the trip, but tomorrow holds limitless adventure!

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William Wallace shoots fireballs from his eyes

Hello everyone!

This has been an amazing trip so far! I’d like to thank everyone who has been patiently awaiting my first video post. Here it is! the William Wallace monument! I thought it would be a fitting place to make my first video blog in scotland. I hope you enjoy it! There will be more to come!

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Well, my trip so far has been quite an unbelievable spectacle! From the high walls of sterling castle, infused and radiating the hard fought battles of yest years to the William Wallace Memorial housing the most important relic and inspiration of hope to the Scots, Wallace’s famous claymore, fabled to have hewn thousands of invading Englishmen, in the face tyranny.

To sleep in keeps and castles and walk where history was made with fierce courage has been a personal inspiration of hope to rise above problems and conquer even the most insurmountable odds. Perhaps not quite as insurmountable as being outnumbered by Englishmen ten to one.

I hope you all enjoy my first post! I have a video blog and much more to come so stay tuned and enjoy!


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The Aftermath

I recently finished a short film to satisfy requirements for 3 classes. Warning this video contains somewhat violent action scenes.

Here is the link to Vimeo which is a better quality:
The Aftermath

Or you can watch it now!
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Please note: Music is from Michael Mann’s “Collateral” also many themes in this film are inspired by videocopilot tutorials. The opening title is a save preset from Andrew Kramer’s video copilot while all other effects were created by me.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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My Caribbean Trip

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to go to Scotland this year!

I recently took a trip to the Caribbean and here are some pictures! Enjoy!

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Toast to Post

Cheers everyone! and welcome to my new blog!

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