Creating an Adobe Acrobat Portfolio

Make sure you have your documents organized into the correct folders.

Open the Adobe Acrobat Program. You cannot create a PDF portfolio in Adobe Reader. Click “Create” and then “PDF Portfolio”. At the next screen choose “Finish”, as you will not be adding files at this point.

Under the “Layout” tab in the top right click “Add Folder”. Find your prepared folders and add the first folder (Section 1) that you would like to add. Then click “OK”. ┬áRepeat this process for each additional folder (Section) that you need in your portfolio.

As you have added each folder you will then see it appear in the portfolio. You can drag and drop folders to reorder them if needed.

Once you have added all the folders, double-click to open each folder and you may drag and drop to reorder individual files within that section. Arrange them in the order in which you want them viewed. File titles can be renamed at this point as well.

After you have finished and added any other styles or customizations desired then click “File” and then “Save Portfolio”. Please use your name and department as the filename.

Upload your PDF portfolio to the link for your department that will be later be emailed to you.