Measure of MOOCs questioned


The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported on some statistics coming out of recent MOOCs.

They raise an interesting point. One of the key measures for course “success” in recent years has been completion rates, but Harvard and MIT researchers say that is an ineffective measure for online courses. Continue reading →

Need D2L help? Cheat sheet is here!


Thanks to Margaret Choka for pointing out this resource created by Pellissippi State’s own Brandon Ballentine as a Quick Reference card to the Desire2Learn upgrade. This should help you as you work through not only upgrades but ongoing work.


Okay, Donn, it took me a minute or two to figure out why you chose that image. And then it hit me – the Mentalists! So, of course, it’s perfect.

And that leads me to take a moment to explain who we are and what we are doing here. No, we are not carnies from your state fair. We work for ROCC. Continue reading →

ROCC mentalists have a new blog


We seek mainly to foster communication among ourselves as we work to help faculty who teach for the Regents Online Campus Collaborative. But we’re a pretty open group, and glad to share whatever we learn right out here in the open.

Our thanks to Audrey Williams and Pellissippi State Community College for hosting this blog, just to take a little pressure off our overworked central office.