The Last and Longest Post

I’ll start by talking about the nine blog entries some of them I sadly skipped. The first blog was about me, myself, and I (not the movie) this one wasn’t fun for me it just remaindered me of how much I miss shooting my bow. Over summer I’m going to hunt down an archery range. Now back to computers and the like with the next blog which is binary. I learned binary in high school so this part was familiar. The most intriguing thing about binary in my opinion is that every thing done on a computer is in binary. This made me think of are world if a computer understands and creates everything in ones and zeros then is it possible that are world is built by a simple foundation like binary.


Now onward to blog three assembly language simulator this simulator is meant to teach people how a computer runs software. Since I was a kid I had access to a computer back then computers seemed super smart. Now computers don’t seem that cleaver this simulator shows that with how a computer handle a program. A computer must be told every little thing before it acts. The next up is HTML the fourth blog and fifth entry. I still find HTML confusing and annoying that goes double with javascript. I believe I got the basics down even javascript. The sixth entry is Scratch (that is the most annoying looking cat) which was fun, cool, and pesky. I was having a problem when making the game with colors and walls. The problem with the ufo is it could go across the walls and bounders. The game was a ufo flying around the stage to reach this pink dot (I choose pink…why….because I felt like it) to get to the next level.


The seventh blog entry was on security which I missed most of it. I got the bit about computer viruses and what types are out there. The only reasons I can come up with creating a virus are greed, malicious intent, and curiosity. Next my favorite part robots the eighth blog entry. I see a robot as a machine developed for a task and able to perform that task without constant human supervision. The robot that Taylor and I made followed this guideline. The robot we made was a clock which personally seems like the oldest robot man has crated.


The ninth blog virtual realities something we all have experienced before. My views on virtual realities are enjoy it when you want to. A lot of people see games as a waste of time the same could be said for playing sports, getting a new car, and many other activates. In the end we all look to satisfy are trills any way we can. My final thoughts of this csit class are fun, informative, and want by way to fast.

The Other “Real World”

Mr Day Darkwolf

My Xbox Live Avatar “Mr Day Darkwolf”

People enjoy virtual realities there is a freedom in them that isn’t in the real world. The most conman form of virtual realities are video games. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Second Life, and many others allow the user to do or be anything. The allure of this freedom attracts many people to these virtual worlds. This virtual worlds can be fun and a harmless way for people to express themselves.

Just Like Clockwork

Using Logo Mindstorm to build a robot was fun and surprising. The Logo Mindstorm shared parts with a toy from my childhood called Bionicles. I played with Bionicles making little robots for fun never thought it would be useful. The Mindstorm is not the same as Bionicles Mindstorm had sensors, servos, and the brick (programmable computer). Now to make a robot with Mindstorm the first thing I thought of was a car. After looking at a few logo cars I thought it was over done. So I asked myself what is a robot? Tons of answers pop up but the simplest answer I came up with is a robot is a machines that can function or carry-out a task without human intervention. So using this answer what is the oldest robot to date? A clock was the answer that came to mind. With this my partner and I built a robotic clock. The clock took more moving parts then we thought we ended up searching the room for extra parts. With the machine finally built we worked on the programing. This took sometime to find find how much rotation is needed to work like a clock. We ended up settling for a six degree turn every second. By place this in a forever loop and limiting the start to a press on the touch sensor we was able to crate a robotic clock.

Scratch and Pausch

Writing a game with Scratch was super easy and simple. I played a pac-man sample game with Scratch This game was simple and gave me the needed insight to make a game. I manged to create a few game levels but still not done with it. Now about Randy Pausch he was a normal guy with a phenomenal look of life. Through sheer will and desire he was able to accomplish many impressive task.


This is new to me and a bit confusing at that. I unfortunately missed a few days this time(family issues). Am still working on my web page trying to fix up the small problems. While doing my best to catch up on the networking lesson. the web page is fun but the lesson about teaching the web page went by to quick for me to follow. the list of links that is supplied is irreplaceable those links are very help full especially the HTML ones.

Assembly Language Simulator

The Assembly Language Simulator is easy to use and helped me to understand how a computer runs programs. Programing is something I always found interesting so this week was enjoyable. I would of like a more in depth lesson on programing. Over these past few weeks I now have a strong understanding of a basic computer. Form the hardware to the software even to binary over these past few weeks we have got a to see the basic outline of a computer. I still believe these class is moving a little to fast to do these topics justice.

Computer build

First let’s start with the list of parts (all parts are form tiger direct)



Azza CSAZ-102E Sparton 102E Mid Tower Gaming Case


ZOTAC ZT-20203-10L GeForce GT 220 Synergy Edition Video Card


Centon R1333SO2048 2048MB PC10600


Seagate Hard Drive 500GB


ASUS AM3+ Motherboard – ATX


AMD FX-4100 Processor


Thermaltake PurePower 430-Watt Power Supply


Now I have a list of parts time to focus on the construction. The first step is to attach the CPU to the socket followed by the heat sink and fan. Next is to open the case and place the motherboard and power supply inside. The next step is to place the hard drive in the case and to place the ram and video card on the motherboard. With the hard drive in the proper place in the case it’s time to plug the wire in the motherboard. I now have the parts in the right spot I need to focus on the input device s and the monitor. For the inputs I went to a thrift store to purchase the two main input devices the keyboard and mouse. The next to last step is the main output device the monitor I used my TV. for this. The final step is to install an operating system Ubuntu will do its free and works (somewhat).


I am familiar with binary its not a hard concept to learn. It is very easy to make a mistake however. As for the lesson it was well thought in my opinion.Oatul seems just a little to useless so it nice that we didn’t spend much time on it. I would love to see more with the encoding of images, audios, and videos. A little about the origins of encoding methods would also be helpful.

little about me

My first experience with computer started after I meet a man named Beavis (nickname of couse)  like the show Beavis and Butthead. This is also the start of video games the first was The Legend of Zelda for the NES. I am a bit of a geek anime, manga, and videogmaes are just a few of the things I enjoy. My hobbies to name a few are hicking, acrhery, and boxing allthough I have not been able to do any of them since I moved to Knoxville.