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North Korea denounces Peaceful Engagement policy

Posted in Thoughts on November 19, 2010 by Steven Hines

In “South Korea: Policy of engagement with North is a failure,”

Bombs destined for Synagogues in Chicago, IL

Posted in Thoughts on November 1, 2010 by Steven Hines

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is suspected to have sent bombs that were in route to the United States.  He is on the most wanted list in Saudi Arabia.  It appears that Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is an expert with explosives and poison.  Two packages that contained explosives were found in United Emirates and Britan and they were headed for Jewish synagogues in Chicago, IL.  The explosives were made from PETN, which is in the same chemical family that nitroglycerin is in.  Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is believed to be the man linked to the packages because of past attempts that are connected to the same material.  Another man that appeared on Saudi Arabi’s most wanted list is Al-Asiri’s brother, Abdullah.  According to document, it was Ibrahim who enticed his brother into becoming a Jihadist.  During an attempt to assassinate Prince Muhammed Bin Naif, Abdullah took his life as a suicide bomber.  A couple of days after Abdullah’s death, al-Asiri’s family was interviewed.  They boys apparently did not grow up religions and it was not until after their brother, Ali’s, death that they began to change.

Veterans have a different perspective on Midterms

Posted in Thoughts on October 29, 2010 by Steven Hines

Veterans have different views about midterms for several reasons.  The first is because politics do not apply directly to the service member in most situations, especially when it comes to the economy.  While I was in the military I did not get caught up in politics because the majority of things disputed did not effect how I was living my life or the things to come.  Everything was already set in stone and we were going to follow it unless the politicians applied it to us.  Secondly, politics do not have a welcome home in the military.  (To be cont…)

Camping Trip

Posted in Thoughts on October 25, 2010 by Steven Hines

The camping trip that I went on was great.  We went to get away from every day distractions, to go in our relationship with God.  My brothers and sisters had a great time.  We had a few bible lessons and just sat around the fire at night and played games or roasted marshmallows.  The whole point of the trip was to grow in your walk with Jesus, to lift Jesus higher.  Being able to go out away from every day worries and spend time with the people that I love is never a bad thing.  Being able to spend time with them and God, is always worth putting my life aside.  Especially to help encourage them.

Mother of two robs bank

Posted in Thoughts on September 30, 2010 by Steven Hines

Thesis Statement:  Erica Anderson and Joshua Tseu were charged justly with first-degree theft and second-degree robbery as well as a $50,000 bail for the bank they robbed.

 Topic Sentence: Erica Anderson and Joshua Tseu were punished accordingly to their actions for a few reasons.

First, their punishment may have been much worse if it were an armed robbery.  In most states armed robbery means going to prison and since they committed a robbery that was not armed, they were still charged with first-degree theft and second-degree robbery but they did not receive a prison sentence.  Secondly, the note Anderson gave to the teller demanding money was very subtle.  Generally when a person robs a bank, they are not very quiet about it.  They make a lot of noise telling people to be quite and they may not get hurt or they violently scream at the teller demanding money.  Most of all, Anderson actually stole $1,300 from the bank and by taking money that did not belong to her and with Tseu driving the getawaycar they committed robbery.

Unity in Writing

Posted in Thoughts on September 20, 2010 by Steven Hines

Shaquille O’Neal was recently traded to the Boston Celtics and Boston fans aren’t happy with a former Laker coming to their house.  There is a long-standing rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers.  Boston fans takes ports very seriously and were outraged that O’Neal would be bought in only months after the Celtics lost a championship to the Lakers.  Boston fans may be upset because of the recent trade-off, but O’Neal will be a dangerous addition to the Celtics defense in this coming season.

“Bad Paragraph”

Posted in Thoughts on September 17, 2010 by Steven Hines

My major is computer science.  I’m working towards a bachelors degree.  I will attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  I plan on getting my Bachelors in 4 years or less.  After I get my bachelors. I’m going on go to a school that has a masters degree in game design.  I have been a gamer since I was three.  And I have been working computers since I was about 11. They have been passions of mine since I was a kid.  Those are some reasons I’m going into the game developement field.

The Reggie Bush Scandal

Posted in Thoughts on September 10, 2010 by Steven Hines

College sports have always been a major part of American culture. For the students playing the sport, many of them hope to pass on to play professionally. The NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association have rules, policies and guidelines in place for those students who participate in college sports.  They’re not to be taken lightly and failure to follow those policies could have some very serious consequences for the student and possibly even for the school depending on what role the they played in the situation.  A recent scandal that involves professional football player Reggie Bush and the school he graduated from, the University of Southern California, is what is going to be discussed in this particular post.  The actions of Reggie Bush may cause him to lose his Heisman Trophy he received in 2005 as well as a number of consequences being implemented to U.S.C at the current time.

When Reggie Bush was playing for the University of South California he accepted roughly $290,000 in gifts from sports marketers, that is where his mistakes began. Reggie signed a contract with Adidas to promote their products, make appearances and do commercials for them. After this he dropped out of college his Senior year and completely disregarded to repay the agents . In 2006 he was the #2 pick for the NFL draft and went on to play for the New Orleans Saints, making $5 Million a year. Bush made threats that he was going to holdout on his team if he wasn’t offered more money. Even after more money was given, he still decided to disregard paying back the agents who gave him the gifts. This is what led to him being sued and the violations of the NCAA policy becoming known.

The University of Southern California took a major hit to their football program because of the scandal. They knew about Reggie Bush accepting the gifts and didn’t do anything to stop them from happening. As a result, they lost their last two wins from the 2004 national championship season and all of their records for the 2005 season. They’re also being forced to forfeit the Grantland Rice Award they received in 2004 for the national championship. The school also lost 30 football scholarships for 3 years, cannot receive any awards for 2010, and is on probation for 4 years. Finally in the years of 2010-2011 USC is banned from playing in any bowl games. All of these punishments are directly related to the actions that Reggie and his alma matter decided to make those few years ago.

Hello world!

Posted in Thoughts on September 9, 2010 by Steven Hines

My name is Steven Hines.  Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life!  I was born in Tampa, Florida and lived with my father until I was about 8 years old and then moved to Tennessee to live with my mother.  I’m 23 years old and have been teaching myself Russian off and on since I was about 10 years old. I graduated from Halls High School in 2005 then went on to join the Air Force.  I left for Basic on February 7th, 2006 and honorably separated on Feb 7th, 2010. I spent 4 years as an F-16CJ Avionics Technician at Shaw AFB, South Carolina, which is where I spent the majority of my enlistment.  I enjoy spending time with all of my friends and family from the Church I attend, The Knoxville Church.  I also enjoy playing cards, occasional video games, hiking, watching meteor showers and fixing computers.  I’ve been tinkering with computers and programming since I was about 11 year old, which is the sole reason I’m doing Computer Science.

The goals I have are not just involved with my major but my faith as well.  I want to continue to grow daily in my relationship with God, despite my short comings or imperfections.  This isn’t something that can obtained overnight, it takes time.  My short term goal regarding my degree is to get caught up completely in my math and to be much more proficient then what I was in high school.  My overall goal regarding my major is to graduate in 5 years with a masters degree in Computer Science,  I’m aiming to graduate Summa Cum Laude from UTK.