Sharon in South Africa 2009


Posted by Sharon Hayes on June 28, 2009

Far from Home

Far from Home

South Africa (actually, the African continent as a whole) is absolutely amazing!  I guess I realized that we were thousands of miles away from home, but it didn’t completely sink in until I saw this sign.  We were at the southern most tip of the African continent admiring the view south, toward the Antarctic, when I saw this sign.  This trip came in to true perspective at this very moment!

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Am I really doing this?

Posted by Sharon Hayes on April 24, 2009

What was I thinking?  Where did this idea for international travel come from?  Who made me believe I could do this?  That I should do this?

Oh, yeah…I remember now!  I have always wanted to hop a plane, head off to somewhere exotic, see something new, meet someone new, and just EXPLORE!

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