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TNCIS 2017 Spanish Program in Spain: The Global Citizen





Long before Madrid became the capital of Spain in the 16th century, Segovia was one of the most important cities in the country. Segovia is a picturesque old city with twisting alleyways, pedestrian-only streets, and the highest concentration of Romanesque churches in all of Europe, all bordered by a medieval wall and two rivers. The city illustrates a complex historical heritage. The layout of its neighborhoods, its streets and its houses reflect the different cultures – the Moors, the Christians, and the Jews – who coexisted in Segovia during the Middle Ages and competed at the peak of its industrial heyday in the 16th century.

In 1985, this sleepy Castilian town was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. One of the main tourist attractions is the Alcázar, a royal palace built sometime around the 11th century where Queen Isabel agreed to fund Christopher Columbus’ exploration of the New World. The picturesque palace is said to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle.

Segovia also has a roman Aqueduct that stands up as a magnificent proof of one of the best preserved monuments of the world. It served water to the whole city.El acueducto es uno de los monumentos mejor conservados del mundo. Su impresionante construcción con sus arcos servía de agua a la ciudad

Segovians will welcome you with open arms (and a kiss on each cheek) and invite you to pull up a chair and take in the magnificent culture, landscape and delicious cuisine in this unique and unforgettable city.


Barcelona España: una ciudad de interesante cultura

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona es una ciudad y municipio de España, capital de la comarca del Barcelonés, de la provincia homónima y de la comunidad autónoma de Cataluña.

Barcelona se encuentra en la costa noreste del Mediterráneo, en España, más o menos a dos horas de viaje en coche hacia el sur desde los Pirineos franceses. Es una región del Norte de España que tiene su propia cultura, tradiciones y personalidad.

Muchos pintores y artistas importantes trabajaron aquí en algún momento y su influencia sigue siendo evidente en toda la ciudad. Dos de ellos son Picasso y Miró, quienes tienen museos dedicados a algunos de sus trabajos más importantes. También hay docenas de diversos museos y galerías de arte repartidas por toda la ciudad, así que tendrás siempre mucho arte para ver mientras estés aquí.

( The videos are used for educational purposes only)

La Catedral de La Sagrada Familia

La Catedral de Barcelona, también conocida como la Seu o la Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, es un famoso ejemplo de la arquitectura gótica catalana que data del siglo XIV. A pesar de mantenerse a la sombra de la conocidísima Sagrada Familia, la catedral es un impresionante templo gótico capaz de enamorar a sus visitantes.


La Boquería

El mercado de la Boquería es uno de los lugares de Barcelona que no puedes dejar de visitar. Los olores, los sabores y el bullicio de la gente despiertan el deseo de investigar sobre la gastronomía catalana.



Paper Trail Exhibit 2016

Annual Photography

Student and Faculty Exhibit 2016

The Paper Trail

PSCC and the Art department offer as part of the outreach and community service. Sponsored by TNCIS, the Annual Paper Trail exhibit features all the countries and scenes that  students and  faculty have captured during their trips.

This art exhibit allowed me, as an instructor to designed an activity that made the students visit and enjoyed this wonderful pieces of photography. There is a lot of information in this exhibit and the students can develop their vocabulary,writing and speaking skills.




Vienna, Austria


Visiting Madrid


Vamos a visitar los lugares más icónicos de Madrid. Hablaremos de cada uno de ellos.

Veremos el video sobre los lugares más visitados en la capital de España.

Art and Languages : Spanish

……” Some of the most famous Spanish painters of the 20th century include Joan Miro, Juan Gris, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Picasso is considered to be the most innovative Spanish artists of the 20th century with famous masterpieces such as his Guernica painting. Picasso’s work along with those of other famous Spanish painters are highly regarded and valued by important art galleries around the world.

Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor) by Diego Velazquez, is one of the most important and most viewed Spanish paintings in the world.

There are many more important Spanish painters and Spanish sculptors that have left an impressive legacy in the art world. In this section, we hope that you can find more about Spanish artists and sculptors and learn about them.”