Spencer Casalenuovo — July 13, 2011, 3:20 PM

One Upon A Time (July 11)

Today is the last full day of our study abroad trip. Tomorrow we leave at 7am from the hostel to travel back home. Many students in the group are starting to reminisce about the early parts of the trip, while some are ready to head home. As we have only a few hours left, some of the group goes to the park outside our hostel to enjoy the day and sit in the sun. Having this opportunity to study abroad has been a highlight of my life. Experiencing new cultures, tasting exotic foods, and learning in a different setting all contribute to the appeal of international travel.


Spencer Casalenuovo — , 3:19 PM

When You Are Hungry (July 10)

We have found out that the Dutch people don’t really have a food that is world famous for taste or desire, like pasta in Italy or sushi in Japan. But there are so interesting snacks available. Fries are the number one snack on the streets of Amsterdam. Almost every block has fries available. It is the perfect snack for travelers in Amsterdam. They are inexpensive, can fill you up and have what tastes like half the amount of salt as fries do in America. They also have multiple sauces available to dip, mayonnaise, garlic sauce, ketchup to name a few. The best part is that the fries are portable. They are delivered in a cone made of paper, standing 6” to 10” tall and over flowing. Best snack for on the go travelers.


Spencer Casalenuovo — , 3:18 PM

Paintings, Photographs, And More (July 8)

On museum day, we went to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. The museum was spectacular. Not only did they have Van Gogh work, but also had others that influenced his work. It was interesting to see the artwork that inspired his paintings. I really enjoyed being able to see some of my favorite piece of art so close up and personal. After this first visit, the group was let go to visit different museums of our choosing. Some went to Anne Frank’s house while others went to the Diamond Museum. There are so many to choices that everyone can find something they like.


Spencer Casalenuovo — , 3:18 PM

Field Trip (July 7)

For the media class that I am enrolled in, we visited a local film maker at her workshop. Our class went to Godmother Films to meet with Zoe D’Amaro, a documentary film maker and activist. Some of her clients are Fairfood and Greenpeace. She talk to us about how she started in the industry and what her goals our with her work. After we watched her reel, examples of her work, we talked about everything from production process to political movements. This was a great opportunity for us to meet a strong force in the international film market.


Spencer Casalenuovo — , 3:17 PM

Technical Difficulties (July 5)

Traveling in a foreign country has its difficulties. Currently, I am unable to post my blogs for some unknown reason. I don’t have internet access all the time so I write my blogs on a word processor to save and post when I can. I will continue to write in hopes of posting soon.