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My experience in CSIT 1110 has overall been an awesome experience. The first thing I really enjoyed and learned a bunch from was when we made our own blog site. It was very helpful to know how to add photos and posts, as well as how to make it all look good. Being as I was maintaining the website for my church with the same software, it was very helpful. I also found it fun to create my own computer, even if I didn’t actually build one; I still had fun searching for all the components.

As well as instructing us on how to create and maintain a blog site we also were taught how to write in HTML on a website. This was extremely helpful to me as I had been trying to create a part on my churches website to add a place to stream our service. Seeing how to write in HTML taught me how to encode the video and setup the tabs and lists to be able to get to it on the site. We also had a week to learn about databases and this week was by far my favorite. Understanding how databases work and what goes on when you search for anything is priceless. It’s easy to forget when simply clicking search on Google that millions and millions of gigabytes of data is being looked over for your topic.

I also took a lot from the week we talked on programming. Being able to understand and write in code is something that is a must in the IT industry. Also learning about computer security and what some hackers can do is something that has always interested me. I loved hearing about the history of hacking and hackers. While I believe some hacking is acceptable, most is not. Finally we got to learn and even play with robots. Playing around with the Mind storm robots was something that brought me back to the days where I would build with Legos for hours hoping I could make them come to life. We lastly got to hear about virtual worlds, which is something I really love to be apart of. Something about escaping life to just have some fun is invigorating.



The virtual world is something that has only been around for a few decades and I love it. I have been playing skyrim for about 3 weeks now and it is great. This is my player in skyrim and he is both mage and warrior. Even thought playing games is bad for your health due to the fact that it requires you to sit without moving for extended periods of time. I believe that playing virtual reality games give me a break from the high stress of life and help me deal with anger and stress.





AI is smart

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Learning about artificial intelligence this week was very interesting. Something about seeing a robot moving and acting like a real human is very offsetting. I think that androids that look like they are not real is more pleasing to me than one that tries to look like a human. On my groups robot this week we finished up our massive claw arm build and programed it to sense when something was in front of it and grab that object. Working with the robots this week was very fun and brought me back to my child day wanting my lego creations to come alive. I am very excited for next week where we will be hearing about virtual reality.


The Robots

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This week in lab we got our hands on some programmable robots and I had the chance to put one together with some classmates and let me start by saying how much fun it is messing with robots. There is just something about creating something that can do things on its own that fascinates me. It’s almost like having a child, how it receives orders and follows those orders, of course it does sometimes stray from said orders. I really enjoyed working with the Lego mind storm pieces and I am thinking of buying my own set to tinker with.


This week in CSIT we talked about computer security involving computer viruses, Trojan horses, and logic bombs. I believe that hacking is to a lot of people just a hobby that they do on the side for fun, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t people that hack for their own personal gain. Some hackers do their bidding as criminals and steal data that they should not have; this type of hacker is discussing to me and paints a bad picture for all other hackers doing it just for fun. Having a strong cyber security team at any business is a must in this day and age; with billions of dollars being transferred everyday over the Internet there must be a barrier between the criminals and the businesses. I can’t really justify people that create computer viruses or worms, making them just for experimentation is great, but releasing them to anyone else is just criminal.


I never thought sitting at my computer for hours playing with stick figures would ever be this much fun. This week in CSIT we were introduced to a program called scratch and boy is it awesome. First of all I can’t believe that this software is free, it is great and allows for some much to be done with it. When I’m working with scratch I feel like I’m putting together a movie, the ability to multiple animations going all at once is definitely something to be seen. This week we also watched a lecture from Randy Pausch. Let me begin with how great this guy is, he has cancer and has been told he has months to live but doesn’t at all let it bring him from living life to the fullest. His speech is awe-inspiring, he innovating spirit he puts in his students is something I have never seen. He really cares for his students and really loves his field of profession.


Opening a website has a whole new meaning now that I have seen first hand what goes into creating a webpage from scratch. At first all I saw when I looked at html was a bunch of gibber gabber that made absolutely no sense to me. But now it feels like I have learned a whole new language. Writing in html is very slow and straining, don’t get me wrong, but once I got the hang of it it was actually pretty fun. This week when learning about sql and databases I thought to my self their is absolutely no was I could survive school with out the help of databases. Searching Google for all my problems is a godsend in some situations, and without databases that would be impossible.


Creating a website, in the basic HTML coding, is harder than you might think. Creating anything in HTML is a long tedious process, and trying to create a website from it is crazy. I have made plenty of websites before this class, but never done them from scratch at the basic level in HTML. First of all, if you make one mistake that is it, you must find it and fix it or nothing will work correctly. Secondly, their are so many different way to do one thing that it can get very confusing very fast. Although at first it is difficult to understand and use HTLM, it does help to understand what goes into a website and how that website is structured at the basic level. Trying to get a picture to portray in HTML on the website is just down right frustrating, it required a bunch of trial and error, but I eventually got it how I wanted it. The last problem I had with HTML is the process that is applying the changes in notepad, and seeing them in a web browser, this change and refresh was exhausting and annoying but was the best way to view my changes. Overall, while HTML is difficult, it is great for helping to understand what goes into creating a webpage and how to manage a webpage.


This week in CSIT we got our hands on an assembly Language Simulator. This simulator shows how data is stored and processed within ram and registry. It is very exciting seeing how this process works and setting it up step by step. Every process it does is completed on what I told the simulator to do. I also found out that if you misspell even one letter that the whole process will stop to a halt. Using this simulator has really helped me to better understand the internal steps that are required when doing anything on a computer. We take for granted just double clicking a icon to open a document, when really millions of bits of data are being moved and processed, going from ram to registry back to ram, all faster than we can think. I have really enjoyed the class so far and even though I had a basic understanding of computer coming into this class I have already learned a lot.


For this week I will be building a computer for the most extreme needs.

First thing I will start out with is the case for my PC. For this I chose the ZALMAN EXTREME HYBRID LQ1000 Black Aluminum Alloy ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. This case has plenty of room inside to fit everything I need and looks awesome as well.

Second I will be getting a motherboard, seeing that most components will be running from this. I chose the EVGA Classified SR-2 270-WS-W555-A2 LGA 1366 Intel 5520 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HPTX Intel Motherboard. It will provide plenty of room for my ram and two slots for processors.

Third thing I need is a power supply to power all of this. For that I chose the PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200W Server-grade High Performance SLI Crossfire ready Power Supply. It is fairly small but has plenty of power to run everything I will need.

Fourth thing I will be getting is the ram, this is an important component so I chose the best, G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series+ Turbulence II 24GB (6 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3. This ram will make my system run like a champ.

Fifth component I will need is a good hard drive to hold all of my data, so for increases speed and reliability. I chose an ssd, the OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE480G 2.5″ 480GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive.

Sixth thing will be the optical drive, for this I will be choosing a blue ray burner to watch blue ray and burn them as well. PLEXTOR Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 8X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA Blu-ray Disc Burner.

Seventh thing will be the CPU or possessor for the motherboard. This will be the brain of the PC so I buy only the best make that two of the best. Two Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition Gulf town 3.46GHz 6 x 256KB L2 Cache 12MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor.

Eighth component I will need is a good keyboard and mouse. So I chose the Kensington K72357US Black USB Wired Slim Keyboard. It is the best

Ninth thing I will need will be a great graphics card. So I will buy a SAPPHIRE 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Crossfire Support Video Card with Eyefinity.

Last but not least, I have to be able to see what I’m doing on my PC. So I chose the best of the best. A NEC Display Solutions P701-AVT Matte Black 70″ 8ms HDMI Large Format Monitor Built in TV Tuner 1920 x 1080 600 cd/m2 2000:1. Yes it will be big.

Ok so I have all of the components I will need to complete this build. So lets start the build.

Before doing anything with the case I need to prepare the PCU’s and ram with the motherboard. Once I have the CPU’s installed and the ram seated in the motherboard I can install it into the case.

After the motherboard is installed into the case it is time to install the hard drive, graphics card and Blue ray drive. Once these components are installed I can put in the power supply.

Putting in the power supply should and needs to take some time. This is the most important step when building a computer. If everything is not plugged in right you risk a chance of shorting out something you paid 800 dollars for. So take your time and read along with the manual provided with the motherboard.

So now that everything is plugged up and has been tested inside the PC Case, it is time to connect the external accessories. First connect the monitor to the graphics card on the pc and then the keyboard and mouse. Load an operating system (Ubuntu) to run the machine and that’s it, you are done. Enjoy.

The parts I chose for this build are the top of line when it comes to computer components. I chose these parts to build a PC that can handle not only hard-core games, but can act as a server class PC as well.

I chose the motherboard with the duel slot possessor for the increased processing ability and extra ram slots for a future proof design upgrades. That is also why I chose the multiple ram so to fill up the extra ram slots for a more spread out memory load.

I chose the case for its sturdy design and fan power. That’s why I chose the big power supply; it was required to power the multiple fan and power hungry motherboard.

I decided to choose a blue ray optical drive to be able to burn and play higher quality DVDs.

Picking an ssd for my main hard drive was a choice I thought about for a while. I was unsure about the technology that drove the ssd. After thinking about it, I found that an ssd could read and write faster that any other hard drive with moving parts.

For the monitor I just wanted the biggest thing I could find, COD just gets better with a bigger screen.

So that is my personally build PC, I call it Armageddon and have one similarly built that I use at work to scan our theater networks.




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