African Roots

It is odd where you meet up with Knoxvillians. This summer Sue and I stayed at a resort on the South African coast owned and operated by a Knoxville couple, Breese and Kathryn Johnson. They are warm, engaging people who have managed to purchase a beautiful tract of land called Mosaic Farm near Gansbaii, South Africa, a place famous for cage shark diving with Great White Sharks (I went, but got seasick). Deanne Pannell also visited Mosaic Farm this summer with her husband and children.

I met the most wonderful people in S. Africa. A memorable guide was named Louis, a retired naval officer who spent the day showing us around villages and introducing us to people that we would have never met without his assistance. Another South African I met was a young man working as a cashier in a shop. He was wearing a badge designating him as a trainee. When I casually mentioned to him that I knew he would be happy when he didn’t have to wear the “trainee badge” anymore he said, “No sir. I am very proud to be a trainee with this great company. If they want me to wear it for two years, it will be ok with me.” It was a reminder that I was not in America.