In Communications Media class we are learning to do Vlogs(Video Blogs). Using a Flip Video Camera we video taped Neely having Carpal Tunnel surgery. When doing a video blog you can focus on several topics like: how to do, hobbies, or just other fun things. When doing a video blog I suggest using a Flip Camera. It is awesome! It is very simple to use and record videos. It has a built in USB, so you can just plug it into your computer. When you do that, the video automatically comes up and then it allows you to start editing, and add your finish touches to your video.

Neely and I video taped her having Carpal Tunnel Surgery. We taped her in the morning before the surgery. She went over things she can and cannot do before the procedure. You then get to see her at prep for the surgery, filling out all her paperwork. We also video taped her after the surgery! Take a look at our Vlog below enjoy!