Culture of Children

We learned in chapter 13 that the culture of children includes certain rules, behaviors, or values that are passed down to younger children from slightly older children. I have personally seen the idea of the culture of children play out in many ways between my sister and me. My sister Caroline is three years younger than me and I am proud to say I have always been her role model. However, this is not necessarily good in all situations. When I was younger I was terrified of thunder storms. Caroline didn’t seem to be scared of storms until she started noticing me get upset during a storm and she soon developed a fear for them as well. From then on when I would get upset in certain situations my mom would try to not let Caroline notice because she knew my sister would develop the same fear or worry that I had. Another situation when this did not play out to be a positive thing was when Caroline noticed how I reacted towards going to school. Caroline loved pre-school until she started seeing me get upset when I went to school. I had bad separation anxiety (chapter 7) from my mom when I was little therefore, my first years of going to school were not easy. As embarrassing as it is for me to think about today my mom would literally have to drag me down the hall way as I cried my eyes out everyday my first few years of school. Soon Caroline got upset about going to school and my mom was not surprised. A part of the mimicking that at times made me hate having a younger sister is their desire to wear all of your clothes. When we were younger Caroline wanted to have all of the same outfits I had, to this day she takes clothes out of my closet and it drives me crazy. However, I have learned to accept the fact that she is going to model my behaviors, style, and values therefore, I need to be the best role model possible. Another group of people I also strive to be a wonderful role model to and see the idea of the culture of children play out in is my small group of seventh grade girls. Although they are older and not quite children I often notice that they want to know what I did when I was there age or my personal opinion on situations they are in. I believe that is why I have been put in their lives because even though their parents might give them the same advice I do they are a lot more likely to listen to a young adult they look up to. I know when I was in middle school I would have been much more likely to listen to hard advice if a college girl told me than if my mom had told me. Therefore, for my sister and these young girls I try to be the best role model I can be because I know they will copy my actions, my style and even look for my advice as the culture of children proves.