When it comes to organizing your photography, I have been a firm proponent of utilizing dates. In keeping up with current copyright issues, I came across this article that assists photographers in registering their library of images. This process can be daunting! I think you will find the article helpful on a number of topics. The information was on the blog of Photo Attorney®. Enjoy…

Registering Your Library of Photographs

PHO 2010 – Selections

10:16 P.M. Long day…Just getting ready to leave my office. Been kinda busy getting the new Camtasia Relay ready and working on the blog for you phototogs and folks with PSD!

All are welcome to watch…email and let me know if it works and streams ok off campus. I am very excited and think it will help us all! Here is the class demonstration from PHO 2010 P70 Click > Selections

Going Beyond Literal…

Isaac Green brought to the studio a catcher’s mitt that belonged to his father…a relic of baseball’s past. He was most generous and allowed me to use it to give examples of compositional studies and lighting scenarios. 🙂

First, I made a layer above the background image and set my Foreground and Background colors to tan and burnt sienna. To complete this layer, I used Filter>Render>Clouds and then added a moderate amount of monochromatic noise. Using a Layer Mask, I reduce the cloud / noise around the baseball and lowered the overall opacity of Layer 1 about 50%. Here is the result; comments are most welcome!

Catcher’s Dream