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Week 1


Well hello my name is Tyler Yost, but most my friends call me “Yost” for short.  I have never done a blog and was honestly dreading the thought of attempting one as you can see with the above illustration haha.  I do apologize for any grammer errors as english is far from my strong suit.  I currently work at the Regal’s Pinnacle 18 movie theatre in the Turkey Creek shopping center.  I have been there since 05 and been a manager since 07.  I tend to focus more on the projection/booth aspect since I tend to enjoy the more hands on tech type work.  (Plus they all run linux!!!)

My background with computers probably is not as in good as some in the class after reading some other blogs for an idea of what im doing.  I developed my love for computers when I was in high school when I decided to buy my first computer for myself.  It was an HP Dv6000 which I maxed out with anything and everything it could hold, which at the time was about the equivalent of what tablets use today.  Soon after I got big into linux, which along with MAC OSX are the only two OS’s I use outside of work and school.  My current machine is a mid 2012 MacBook Pro that I upgraded with a 256gb SSD and 8gb of Ram.  (Partitioned with both OSX and FEDORA linux)


Linus Torvalds wants you to learn more about linux…

My goal with this class is to further develop my computer knowledge and learn a TON more on top of what I already may think I know haha… If that makes sense?  Im also currently taking A+ computer software this semester with the hopes of possible attempting my A+ Certification at some point in the near future.  Then a job somewhere down the line would always be nice.  All in all im really feeling kinda jazzed up for what this class and this semester can hold.

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