I picked Sonny from the movie I Robot.
In the movie all the robots had to follow three laws known as the Three Laws of Robotics: the Three Laws state that 1) A robot may not harm a human being, or allow a human being to be harmed, through action or inaction, 2) A robot must obey any order given by the human being, unless doing so would violate the first law, and 3) A robot must protect its own existence, unless doing so would violate the first or second law. However Sonny was able to avoid all three of the laws whenever he choice to do so. He was considered a threat for this and showed signs of dreams and emotions as if he was evolving. The humans in the movie sentenced him to death as soon as they found out. A human then has to rally the older robots together because the newest version of robots are trying to take control over the world with the help of the CEO of the robotics company.
Sonny was first shown as a robot out of control and violent but he was actually scared. He ran from Del Spooner, played by Will Smith. Del was paranoid about robots so he took it as a threat to himself. Near the end of Sonny’s life Del was handed a piece of paper of a dream he had of Del standing on top of a hill with an army of robots behind him. picture of Sonny Info of movie

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My thoughts concerning hacking and viruses are that they are a major concern of people that ever get on to the internet no matter what he or she is doing. A person can get a virus from any website no matter what website it is, even a .gov website can have a virus located on the server. Hacking is illegal but that doesn’t stop anyone from doing it. There are programs all around us everyday that are hacked into that no one has found out. I think that we should destroy all the current viruses out on the internet and whenever a new one is created we find the location that started it and prosecute the person for harassing people on the internet because that is all that a virus is for; is to make people angry and possibly even destroy a person’s computer while they are at it. Hacking and viruses are a constant threat to everyone no matter what preparations that one has taken against getting a virus or getting hacked.

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My computer

Gaming has been part of my life for years and years. I choice to make a computer that would enhance my gaming experience for gaming on the computer. To make a truly great computer gaming experience you need a computer with a lot of memory, lots of RAM, and an amazing graphics card.
I first started playing games on the computer when I was around seven years old. The game I remember playing the most was a game called Age of Rifles and Age of Empires. Age of Rifles is a military strategy game where you and your opponent takes turn controlling all of your troops and limiting your shoots to be able to beat each other. Age of Empires is a tribal strategy game where you gather resources and use those resources to create units, buildings, and upgrades; after you have troops you send them to face your opponent and win by either killing everything that he or she has or by destroying the town hall.

Sparkle SX550T1024D5MH GeForce GTX 550 Ti Video Card ( (Selected for speed quality and future gaming: $135.99)

Intel Core i5-2500K BX80623I52500 Unlocked Processor ( (Selected for extra graphics, speed, quaility, and I have used Intel Core Processors in the past: $229.98)

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB SATA/300 5200RPM 8MB 2.5″ Hard Drive ( ( Selected for future expand-ability and size: $157.49)

ADATA AD3U1333C4G9-DRH Premier Series Desktop Memory Kit ( (Selected for quaility, value, and speed: 2 for $110)

Cooler Master Silen Pro Gold Series 1000W Power Supply ( (Selected for quality and helpful cooling: $199.99)

Intel 510 Series (Elm Crest) SSDSC2MH120A2K5 2.5″ 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ( (Selected for speed: $279.00)

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64BIT- OEM DVD and Cooler Master HAF 922M ATX Black Mid-Tower Case Budle ( (Selected for high performance design and supreme cooling with Microsoft 7: $285.99)

LG E2260V-PN 22″ Class Ultra-Slim Widescreen LED Monitor ( (Selected for quality, size, LED lights, and full HD 1080p resolution: $169.99)

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 ( (Selected for price: $38.99)

Logitech G500 10 Buttons Dual-mode Scroll Wheel USB Wired Laser 5700 dpi Gaming Mouse ( (Selected for price and quality: $43.99)

How to put together:
1) Remove the case’s side, front, and top panels to give yourself room to work. Inside the case, you should find a box or an envelope containing critical parts and pieces for the assembly, such as hexagonal brass standoffs and screws for mounting the motherboard, drives, and other hardware. You’ll also see the AC power cable and mounting brackets for drives and other peripherals. Separate the parts and read the instructions closely.

2)Before you install the motherboard, remove the case’s generic mounting plate, where the motherboard’s rear connections appear, and replace it with the custom plate that comes packaged with the motherboard. Make sure there’s a brass standoff on the case for all the mounting holes on the motherboard.

3)Be extremely careful when mounting the CPU into the motherboard socket. Don’t try to force it, and don’t use your bare finger to hold the processor as you push down the locking lever, since skin oils can affect CPU cooling; use a glove or a piece of paper. As for mounting the CPU cooling fan (included with most CPUs), don’t twist or move the fan once it contacts the processor surface. Double-check to make sure that the heat sink and the fan are securely attached to the CPU bracket–if they aren’t, the delicate CPU can destroy itself in seconds when you move a tower case from its side to vertical. Finally, don’t forget to attach the fan power cable to the appropriate connector on the motherboard.

4)When installing RAM modules, have plenty of light. Insert the modules into the thin, bracketed memory slots, and then press them down firmly. You’ll know they’re correctly inserted when the brackets on each side of the RAM modules click into place. If you’re not filling every slot, make sure that you place the modules into the correct ones; sometimes if there’s no module in the first slot, your computer won’t boot.

5)An AGP graphics card that isn’t completely seated in its motherboard slot is a surprisingly common cause of computer problems. Press the card down firmly when you insert it. Note, too, that some of the latest-generation graphics cards–like the Radeon 9700 Pro that we used–require their own connector from the power supply. Graphics drivers are also updated regularly, so be sure to get the latest from the maker’s Web site.

6) Hook up the I/O panel connector to the appropriate motherboard header. The operating system installation will usually include basic sound support for the on-board audio, but to access all the features, you’ll need to install the drivers after you’ve set up the operating system.

7)These days almost all motherboards include a network adapter. It’s a wise design choice, since most users will require one for a broadband Internet connection or a SOHO network.
Most of the time, the OS you’re installing will recognize the adapter and automatically add the drivers. Sometimes it won’t, in which case you’ll need to install the drivers manually afterward. If you’re using Windows XP, not having a network connection may prevent you from running Product Activation during the installation; you’ll have to handle activation after you install the network drivers.

8)Don’t skimp on hard drives–no matter what type of system you’re putting together. The speed at which drives read and write data can be a major bottleneck on overall performance. Many noticeably faster 7200-rpm drives don’t cost much more than 5400-rpm drives.
Make sure that the main drive is jumpered as the “master” and connected to the first IDE channel on the motherboard.

9)For the best results, jumper the optical drive as the master and install it on the second IDE channel of the motherboard to keep it separate from your hard drives.

10)There aren’t any special tricks involved in installing a FireWire card. Just plug it into a free PCI slot and fasten it down with a screw. FireWire drivers are standard and included in the operating system; Windows XP will detect the card and install the needed driver automatically.

11)Close the computer frame.

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First blog

My name is Thomas Burgett, my friends call me Tommy.
Last semester I took the following classes: Statics, Philosophy, Speech, and Intro Information Tech.
I enjoy playing video games, magic the gathering, basket ball with friends, and more.
Most of the games that I play are either shooters or Role-playing games (like Skyrim).
I am retaking this class because I don’t like my grade for the first time I took this class.
This semester I am cracking down and making myself do the right thing for this class.

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Final Blog

This class has been hard for me because I have not been motivated to check and see what is due and when it is due. I fell behind severally but I have finally caught up to what I can do. This class has taught me an extreme amount of technical knowledge that I put to use when fixing my dad’s computer. I wish that I had kept up with this class as I should have but I have no reason to not have it is fully my fault and my fault alone.

The thing I found most helpful was understanding HTML. Before this class all I thought it was the thing that goes before a website that helped locate it. I now understand that HTML is really really technical and if done correctly can be used to create some amazing things. This class has also helped me understand how essential software and hardware is for a computer to function without problems. The most interesting thing that I learned about was about virtual reality because I play a large amount of games and almost every game has a different virtual reality and learning about it is a large benefit.

Thanks to this class I learned how to make a website without the use of a template, how amazing virtual reality and robotics really are, how far artificial intelligence has evolved, and it makes me think about how much further all these things can improve even in the next few years. When I think back about how much virtual reality has improved just in the last decade it’s almost unimaginable. It went from a game looking like a game that its now hard to even distinguish rocks from trees to the point that you can tell the difference between yellow and gold. It will be interesting how much further virtual reality will evolve.

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Virtual Reality

I play a game called World of Warcraft the virtual reality in the game is not the greatest visually but it does have some nice graphics. In the game I play a wargon druid ( and a dreani death knight ( links are to what the avatars look like. The good things about virtual reality is that you can become a brand new person if you wish and it gives you something like a “second-life.” Another good thing is that there can be some great graphics that transport you to a new world in which you can explore and achieve great things if you so want. The bad things about virtual reality is that it can take over your life if you let it and that to some people they are so addictive that you lose contact from the real world plus learning outside of the game becomes nearly impossible because you are always thinking about the game and what you will do next.

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Robots 2 (A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence is something that most people are failure with even if just name wise. When I hear A.I. i think of Cortana from Halo which is hologram that speaks to you from inside your helmet. Almost every video game now a days has artificial intelligence. A.I. have been around for several decades. It was even in the video game Pong even if just a little bit. One day I believe that A.I. will be able to create new and improved A.I. and continue to evolve without the help of humans.

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Robots 1

Working with robots is very hard and after several attempts it got easier to work with.
It made me start thinking that robots could and more than likely will take the place of humans in hundreds if not thousands of jobs. Robots have already taken many jobs from humans. mostly on assembly lines and cleaning. With new technology and future A.I. it will be increasingly probable that a robot will be part of almost every job there is.
This should be a relief but for some reason it makes me think of a day where humans can no longer be able to function without the help of several machines like in the movie Surrogets.

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There are several types of hacking, most are illegal like hacking into another person’s account/program. There are some instances which hacking is legal like in the game Borderlands in which hacking is promoted. I have had a personal experience with a hacker, he/she hacked into my World of Warcraft account and I could not get it back for months. It was very annoying to have someone take my personal information and delete everything that I had created on that game.
The only time I hacked was in Borderlands because they promote it. I think it should stay illegal like it is and the only time that is should be allowed (even by the government) is on games/websites that promote it and say that it is okay to hack it.

Viruses are a horrible thing that can infect even a well protected computer. There are some viruses that can demolish any firewall so it is a large problem because that opens your computer up to even more and more viruses. I think viruses come from people that have nothing better to do and want other people to suffer so they create these computer destroying viruses just because they either want money to fix the virus they created or they just want to be mean to other people.

Firewalls are a big help in fighting viruses but they can slow your computer down and make some online games exit randomly. Once when I had an older computer I had a certain Anti-virus program with it’s own firewall and I could not play my game because the firewall had to be closed otherwise it would just close my game automatically.

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My first impression of Scratch is that is there there is several key concepts to it. It takes a lot of work to make it work correctly and that it will take the correct balance of settings to manipulate it into doing what you wish.
This is not something that you can just sit down and run through it for a quick easy game.

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