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An archive of the TT/WW sessions 2000-2007

Why the change??

Pellissippi State, like most other colleges, universities and businesses, is moving away from connections to servers, such as telnet and FTP, that do not protect the user’s password during connection between computers. New servers at PSTCC now use Secure Shell (SSH) for connecting. This will encrypt your password so it is not sent in a way that can be seen and/or stolen by malicious users.

What does this mean to me?

For faculty, staff and students who upload files to PSTCC4, WebCT (except while inside WebCT) and PSTCC15, this means that WS_FTP will no longer connect to the server. You will have to use a new file transfer program that will support SSH connections.

If you require an account on the PSTCC web server (PSTCC15), you can request your account from the webmaster.

What program should I use?

On campus, we are using SSH File Transfer Client from SSH Communications Security (

Other programs you can use include:

How do I get the SSH program on campus?

You can call or email the HelpDesk (694-6537) and ask them to put in a work ticket for your technician to install the SSH package. If you feel comfortable installing it yourself, you can get the installer from PSTCC3.

How do I connect using SSH?

The program works much like WS_FTP. After starting SSH File Transfer for the first time, you click the Quick Connect button (see picture above). A dialog box will appear much like the one to the left. Fill in your server information and you will see your remote files (files on the server) appear on the right side of the screen.

After you have connected successfully, you can add the server to the Profile list which will make future connections faster.

What if I need more help?

There is a Help function in the program. There is also an online manual

Helpful Resources

Online Help Manual for SSH Client

Tour of the SSH Client Screen (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Watch a tutorial on using the SSH FTP Client(Flash animation, requires Flash player)

Watch a tutorial on changing your password using the SSH Client(Flash animation, requires Flash player)