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Web Wednesday: The Summer Series

June 24th, 2010 by and tagged ,

It is SO hot out there, that it is clearly summertime.

This means that it is time for Web Wednesday: The Summer Series. This triumphant (and short) return of our lunchtime brownbag series will be on four Wednesdays this summer in the NEXT Classroom (GN 232).

Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars for those of interest. Bring your lunch and let’s learn together.

Each session is at noon in GN 232:

July 7 Facebook 101 (understanding the privacy settings and controlling your account)

July 14 Timesaving Tricks (software, browser tricks and more to save you time at work)

July 28 Stay Cool with Texting Tips/Tricks/Tools (even if your cell phone doesn’t “do” text, we have ideas for you!)

August 4 Blogging for Everybody (blogs are a great way to share writing, photos, stories, links and more. We will show you the blogging platform we have here at Pellissippi as well as other easy to use option)

Image: ‘Real Joy

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Mobile blogging

May 11th, 2010 by and tagged

Tap, tap,tap. Can you hear me? This is coming for the wordpress app on an iPad. Same app as on phone so I hope a larger one will come along soon!

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Major Electrical Work – Scheduled for October 17-19, 2009

October 5th, 2009 by

A major upgrade to the College electrical system is scheduled for Fall Break.  Many computer services will be down from Saturday, October 17th at 5:00 p.m. through Tuesday, October 20th at midnight.  If the contractor completes the project ahead of schedule, services may be available earlier in the day on Tuesday, October 20th .  Please review the information below concerning the availability of computer services at each campus during this upgrade.


  • Active Directory (login to desktop but some icons may not work)  Note: Due to Login scripts trying to map drives to servers that are down, initial login will be slow)
  • internet service
  • wireless service
  • telephones local and long distance
  • E911
  • D2L access (Note: login to D2L from the homepage as myPellissippi will be down)
  • official College website (pstcc15)


  • College email, including webmail
  • Banner services
  • Off-campus access to library databases
  • Network drives (H drives, shared, etc.) Note: If you need to work on something that is located on your H drive during fall break, please move a copy to your C drive prior to the system going down.
  • Voicemail
  • Auto dialer
  • Rightfax
  • myPellissippi
  • Other – any other data services not listed explicitly as “available” will be down  (THIS INCLUDES THIS BLOG SITE!!)

For your convenience, we will provide the project status on Pellissippi’s homepage during Fall Break.

If you have questions, please contact the Information Technology Support Center by sending e-mail to or by calling 694-6537.

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From our new home

April 13th, 2009 by and tagged , ,

Greetings from our new blogging home: Pellissippi State Blogs.

We have been hard at work trying to get all of these electrons toted and lifted to create this new multi-user and multi-blogging site. It is very exciting!!!

If you are curious about what is going on right now, you might want to look over a few pages:

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our “About” page

Our list of current blogs on the site

Some tutorials about how this new platform works (from Hokanson’s Instructional Technology blog)

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Inauguration Day: Using Social Media to share the experience

January 16th, 2009 by

Extraordinary+RenditionSince we are in session for Spring 2009, most PSTCC folks will probably not be in Washington with the crowds. But, you can still be there and share in the experience as this should be the most wired (and wireless) inauguration ever.

Here are some ways to join in and follow others who are using social media and social networking sites to record, react and re-broadcast the day. First, you might want to check out the schedule
Event Schedule for the Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama

Traditional Media in a Non-Traditional Way

CNN and Facebook have teamed up to create a site merging CNN video and Facebook comments. Coverage starts at 8 am.

NBC, MSNBC and others, like CSPAN, will be streaming the event live. You can check the local newspaper in your area as well as your local TV stations websites as they will probably have their own online offerings.

National Public Radio (NPR) is teaming up with non-journalists to set up some common tags (#inaug09 and #dctrip09 are two). Their central site is the Inauguration Report. They are encouraging folks to text in their reports as well as share via other social media sites (see below for more on that)

Social Media Sites

There is an Inaugural YouTube group. Videos are already posted there and others will most certainly appear over the weekend and during the actual events of the day.  If you are a YouTube member, you can join that group to add videos and/ comment on the ones that are posted.

For the photography oriented, you might want to follow the Flickr photostream provided by the Inaugural Committee.

If you are a Twitterer (you know who you are), you might want to follow the official Twitter group to get a rundown of the day by folks who are using that microblogging service.

For those on unlimited text plans, you can also sign up to get news sent to you via SMS text messages.

If you have other ideas, please leave them in the comments.

Image: ‘Midnight Obelisk – The Washington Monument

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Welcome to Week One of Pellissippi 2.0!!

September 15th, 2008 by

Are you ready to get started? Great, me, too!!

This entire experience is framed on the seven characteristics of social software as described by Gene Smith in his article, Social Software Building Blocks on his blog at nForm. You can drop by to get some foreshadowing of where we are heading in the next few weeks or just let things unfold, it is up to you!

The first building block I would like you to consider is PRESENCE. Presence in social software can be described in two ways, in my thinking.

First, presence can also mean notification. It is the sense that someone is online and when they are online. You might have seen it in several places already in your online activities.

Some examples of Presence as notification:

If you use Google Talk or other instant messaging, you can see who is available for chat.

If you use Skype, you can set you online presence indicator from Online to Offline, SypeMe or even Invisible!

There is even a presence element in our online course environment (D2L). When you enter our D2L course, click on the Classlist link in the right set of links in the course navigation bar. If you see a green dot next to anybody’s name, you will know that they are logged into the server!

Another aspect of presence is just “being there” in the environment or same space and being a part of the community.

Many of these tools allow you to see if folks you know are also a part of that social network.

For example, you can use the People Find option in Facebook to locate folks and see if they have a presence there. Other social networking sites work the same way. As we move through the weeks, we will be working to find each other’s presence in the tool as well as others we might know.


For your first week, you are going to establish your presence online in the “edublogosphere” – the community of education-oriented bloggers.

That’s right, you are going to get a blog! What I would like you to do with this blog is both to explore how blogging works as well as use the place for reflection on this entire Pellissippi 2.0 experience.

First up, watch a video

Take a few minutes to watch this great video about blogs and what they are

Second: Get a Blog!

If you already have a blog, you can use that but I would encourage you to explore a different blogging platform instead, just so you can expand your knowledge a bit.

Some blogging choices:

I would recommend Tumblr for a good start in blogging. Tumblr is a “tumble blog” that is designed for a very easy to use start at blogging, video sharing, etc. It is often called a microblog as it does not have all of the features of a “full blown” blog but I think it will serve as a great introduction to blogging for you.

Tumblr supports seven different types of entries: text (“traditional blog entries”), links, conversations, photos, quotes, audio clips, videos

If you watched the video linked above, you have already been to my Tumblr blog for our Pellissippi 2.0 experience: Pellissippi 2.0 – AJW

To get a Tumblr blog: and click the Sign up in 10 seconds link. Provide your email address, password and the name you want to use for your Tumblr blog and you are off! You will then have your own blog with an address something like this:

Posting in Tumblr is really easy:

  1. Think of something you want to write or discover a photo, video, link you want to share.
  2. Log into Tumblr – you will then be on your dashboard
  3. Click the icon for the type of post you want to make.
  4. Write or copy/paste and add links, etc as you want.
  5. Done!

It is easy!

If you already have a Tumblr account, you can add an additional Tumblr blog to it to keep it separate from what you are already doing in Tumblr. (if you want)

If Tumblr is not enough for you and you want to go one step further, then I recommend checking out Edublogs. This is a service based in Australia that provides free full-featured blogs for educators and students. They have had some phenomenal growth, which sometimes translates to slower servers but you cannot beat the functionality for the price! Signup there the same way as Tumblr – give an email, create an account, name your blog and you are off and running. Edublogs offers a good support site with video tutorials and more.

Third: Get into D2L and let us know about your new blog

I have created the group a space in Desire2Learn (D2L), the online site for our web classes, etc. If you have never logged in before, you get to now! Oh boy! Visit: for the login link (use the same username/password as you do for WebMail, campus computers, etc). We also have lots of tutorials about how to use the system.

Once inside, you will see a course called “Pellissippi 2.0”. It is in the Training semester so you might have to expand that semester by clicking on the small plus sign next to its name. Click the name of the course and you will be inside the course. The course homepage has a feed on it for brand new web 2.0 stuff – just for fun as well as an audio file you can enjoy.

In the course, click on COURSE CONTENT (link in the lower left side of the upper navbar). There is a wiki page there, click on it and then on the edit button. YOu can then add your name, your blog name and address as well as the email address you want to use for Pellissippi 2.0 (PSTCC, Yahoo, Gmail or whatever)

  • So, get out there, get your blog and explore it a little bit this week. See what you can add to it. See how you can customize it.
  • Share the blog location on our course wiki
  • Ask questions in D2L (I have a discussion board there for us to ask/answer each others questions).
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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Something different this way comes: Pellissippi 2.0

September 9th, 2008 by

Heard of Facebook?
Wondering what Twitter is?
Want to explore a few of the new web 2.0 tools out there?
Then, join the Pellissipip 2.0 movement!   The Pellissippi 2.0, what??

Basically, it is an 8 week series framed around the seven characteristics of social software. Each week, we will go through a characteristic and then have the week to explore one or two web sites or tools that exemplify that characteristic. No quizzes, No workshops..just exploration and reflection. If you have questions about the tools, holler and as a group, we can help each other out.

The group will get information from this blog, explore on their own and reflect in their own blogs. We also will have a D2L course for sharing information and discussion, if we want to use it. We can plan to get together on an irregular basis, if the group wants, perhaps through Elluminate or another software.

The video below sets the tone:


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Blogging from the Edinburgh International Film Festival

June 27th, 2008 by

Through TnCIS, there is a group of students from Pellissippi State, ETSU and UTK attending the Edinburgh Film Festival. They are also blogging and videoing their experiences.

We are aggregating all of their individual blogs and videos through a “master blog” hosted at PSTCC. If you would like to read some of their work, drop by the master blog:

Edinburgh International Film Festival blog

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Hello from the latest beta of Firefox

April 2nd, 2008 by

We’ll see if the scribefire plugin will work better now!!!

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Upgrades are in the air…

March 31st, 2008 by

Rainbow over information center Spring over the Information Center

If you are reading this on the Technology Update blog (or in your RSS feed reader), then we have been successful with our upgrade:  WordPress (the blogging platform we use for this blog) is now at version 2.5

Wheee….nothing like a warmish spring day and some fresh new code!

Now, if only we can get Firefox 3 and the Scribefire add-on, which is a great way to write blog posts to be happy with each other and the blogs.

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