Tenth. The Final Blog.

Looking back over all of my other blogs that I have completed this semester really made me see that I am a horrible blogger. So this being my final blog, I’m going to make it the best that I can.

From day one in this semester/class, i didn’t know wat to expect. I had heard from some of my friends that have already taken this course that it was going to be the best class that I took, that the professor taught the subject really well.

The first blog that I wrote was mainly about me, since that was the point of the first blog. The second thing that we had to write about was binary… dum dum dum. When I first saw binary, and everything that you had to do to switch between the different bases, I thought I had gotten myself into something that I wasn’t going to make it out of alive. My two other CSIT professors were also going over binary at the same time. Once I got the hang of adding and subtracting and switching bases, binary seemed like the simplest thing in the world.

Blog 3 was about building a computer. This was my favorite blog to write. I have always wanted to build my own computer, but just didn’t know how to go about doing it. Since I got the opportunity to choose the parts, and then tell how I was going to put it together, I don’t feel as intimidated as I did before. I still want to build my own desktop computer, but right now I just don’t have the funds to do so. The fourth blog that we were to write about was the Assembly Language Simulator. This was my least favorite of all the things that we did in this class. I did not understand ASL at all. I tried my hardest to understand what it was and what everything meant, but nothing was clicking for me.

The fifth blog was about making a web page. Something that I was familiar with.  When Myspace was popular, I would always design and write my own html to make my page more unique than everybody else. I learned how to switch my profile around, change the colors, font, and add images, and even to input stuff that didn’t originally come with the Myspace look. When I made my own web page in here, I kind of already had a sense of what I was getting into. Blog 6, the one where we had to upload our newly made web page to a server, was the part that I learned the most. I knew there were servers out there but had never uploaded anything onto one. That was an experience.

Blog 7 was about robotics. The most fun thing about this class! I absolutely loved building a robot. My partner, Ryan, and I built a cuckoo clock. It was a simple robot, and it was really fun to build. We even documented our end results, and posted a video to youtube showing how it worked and what all we used to build our robot. Blog 8 was about artificial intelligence. This subject really made you stop and think. Blog 9 was about virtual reality and games. I personally don’t play that many games. The only time that I play games is if I’m playing with my boyfriend or if I am playing hidden object games on my laptop. I really enjoy playing hidden object games, and strategy games also. I also enjoyed playing Fable 3, which I’m going to get for my PS3. It was a very interesting game.

I’m pretty sure I hit on everything that we have covered in this class. I really enjoyed being in this class, and I know that whoever takes this class in the future will enjoy it also.

-Taylor E.

Ninth. Virtual Worlds and Games.

I play Wizard 101. Not this best game out there, but it’s still kind of fun. I started playing a couple of months ago, and could jump right in without having any problems. I guess you could say that some pros to this game are that you can meet other people, do quests (there are more quests if you are a member), and you have free roam of the world. Some cons of this game would be the graphics are a little boxy and fake looking, and if you’re not a member then some of the stuff that you need to do is not available to you.

I don’t play many of the other games that are out there. But every now and then I’ll play with my boyfriend games like Fable 3 and Hitman 2. I liked Fable 3 a lot and I’m thinking about buying it for myself for my PS3. It had really good graphics. That’s pretty much all that I look for in a game. If the graphics are good and the game isn’t too easy, I’m set.

Other than playing with my boyfriend, I usually just stick to PC hidden object games that really don’t have a point.

Seventh. Robots

I really enjoyed working in the lab this week making a robot. My partner and I built a robotic clock. Even though it doesn’t sound that interesting, it was actually really fun to build. After putting it all together we programmed it to mimic that of a real clock.. the ticking and the speed at which the hands move.

While building the robot, we couldn’t find some parts, and then one day we even came back to find that someone had taken apart part of our robot to get parts. It wasn’t as damaged as we thought it was going to be, so it was an easy fix.

I really like robotics and actually want to get one of the  Lego Mindstorm robots just so that I can build one myself. Maybe have a more complex robot instead of a clock.

Sixth. HTML and Uploading.

Using HTML has always been fun. Being able to create and upload my own web page was really fun, and it taught me a lot that I didn’t know. I think that HTML is easier to learn then most other codes. SQL seemed easy but then once I started working with it, I confused myself multiple times.

I had never uploaded anything to a server before in my life time. I think it’s interesting that you can do that and then everybody can see, that wants to see it. At first, I thought that I had messed up so I deleted it and started over. Then I finally got it to work, and it was uploaded on the server.

I think that if I was to have to create and upload a web page, I would be able to do it with less anxiety of doing it right.

Fifth. Making a Web Page.

For me making a web page was easy. I used to always use html codes to customize my Myspace. I enjoyed being able to do it again. This is my first time making a web page.

The first thing that I did was, think of the layout that I wanted it to be. It took me forever, because I always wanted to fine tune things while I was doing them, instead of going back and fixing everything. I chose a black background, with white lettering and rasta colored boxes to go around my hobbies/interest. After doing all that I fine tuned everything to make it fit the text that I had and the pictures that I posted, too.

I really enjoyed doing this project. It would be awesome if we could do it again, but a little more in depth. I can’t wait to learn more on stuff like this.

Fourth. Assembly Language Simulator

I found that the ALS(Assembly Language Simulator) was easy to use, but difficult to understand at first. I had a difficult tim,e trying to figure it out. I still don’t fully understand it, but I am going to try and work with it some more so that I will understand it fully.

Everything that we have talked about is comming together very nicely. It kind of helps that I have other computer classes to remind me of the things that I have been having trouble remembering. I really think this is the best class so far, though, because you make it seem so simple.

Third. Building a Computer.


1. Case- Thermaltake VF6000BWS LANBOX Lite Computer Case- MicroATX, 2-5.25 bays, 3-3.5 bays, 4- fan ports(89.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=3127375&Sku=T925-2262

2. Mouse- Logitech 910-002469 M305 Wireless Mouse, Purple(26.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=632876

3. Keyboard- Logitech 920-003051 K270 Wireless Keyboard(19.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=224976

4. Power Supply- Thermaltake TRX-750MTR2 Modular Power Supply- 750 watt, 80 Plus, 4X PCI-E 6X SATA(109.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=6624657&CatId=2533

5. Motherboard- MSI Z68MA- G45 (B3) Motherboard- MicroATX, Socket H2 (LGA1155), Intel Z68 Express, 2133MHz DDR3, SATA 6.0 GB/s, RAID, 8-ch Audio, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, SLI/CrossFireX Ready(109.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=1125282&CatId=7212

6. Monitor- Samsung S22A100N 22″ Class Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor, VGA(129.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=975738&CatId=2775

7. CPU- Intel Core i5- 2300 BX80623152300 Processor- Quad Core, 6MB L3 Cache, IMBL2 Cache, 2.8GHz, Socket H2, 95W, Fan, Retail(179.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=7073165&CatId=6988

8. Hard Drive- Western Digital 500 GB Cavier Blue SATA Hard drive(84.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details_ss.asp?EdpNo=7281716&Sku=TSD-500AAKX

9. Cooler- Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler(74.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=7335485&csid=_25

10. Video Card- MSI N84020GS-D1GD3H/LP GeForce 8400 GS Video Card- 1024MB DDR2, PCI-Express, DVI, VGA(50.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=6827325&CatId=3669

11. RAM- Corsair XMS PC10666 RAM- GB, DDR3, 1333MHZ, DIMM(59.99): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5625840&CatId=4523

Putting it together:

First of all I would make sure I had all the necessary parts and tools that I needed to put together the parts. I would take my case apart, that way I could get into it and have space to work around. I would then put all the cards and CPU on the motherboard before I put it into the case. After that I would go ahead and put the disk drives in, and then the power supply. I would hook up everything where it needed to be hooked up, and then put my case together. I would set up my keyboard, mouse, and monitor for easy access, and see if my computer worked. If it did not then I would go back and see what could have possibly gone wrong.

I choose these parts because 1. they fit with the case, since my case is a mini tower instead of a regular size tower, and 2. I thought they were cool looking, especially the case because it has clear side panels.

I might actually build this computer because I am in need of my own desktop and I don’t really want to pay an arm and a leg to buy a new one. And it would be interesting for me to finally build my own computer. : )

Second. Binary

At first binary, to me, was the worst part that I had to learn in any of my CSIT classes. It was super confusing, and I thought that I would never understand how to do it. Each of my teachers have taught it a different way. The way that I learned in this class was the fastest, and most easy way.

The comic for this week was pretty simple stuff. I found it interesting how the computer could tell the difference between the different information.

The part that I found most boring, was all the stuff that I had heard a million times in my other classes. Other than that the lecture was very interesting.


Well this is the beginning of something awesome. My name is Taylor Easterday, most people just call me Tay. I am a music fanatic! I love anything and everything about music. I am a very bright and colorful person, and I really enjoy life. I’ve only been here at Pellissippi for one full semester. I like it so far. I am just now starting to get to my computer classes. My degree is Computer Science and Information Technology. You really don’t see that many girls going into that field, but I wanted to be different. My background with computers is not that great but I’ve always loved computers, and I’ve taught myself everything that I know. I really am looking forward to this class. I’ve heard some pretty awesome stuff about it.