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Is This Twitter Tool Terrific?

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This week in social media, I have been looking into the popular website, Twitter. Twitter is an excellent way to keep up with the latest news with friends and acquaintances, celebrities, and entertainment as well as popular interests and favorite organizations. Because Twitter has become extremely popular, many related Twitter “tools” have also developed. I have recently looked into the Twitter tool website,

This site allows Twitter users to manage multiple accounts while keeping up with the latest trends. “TweetDeck is currently available as a desktop app, a web app, or a Chrome app, and can be downloaded at,” states the Help section of this popular website. According to many reviews of this Twitter client, it has a great design and is easy to navigate. If you are Twitter fan, you should definitely check out Tweetdeck!


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My Attempt at “Vlogging”

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In my previous post, I briefly discussed the customer service policy of the Whole Foods coproration. Customer Service is extremely important in setting one company apart from another. My friend Serrita and I conducted a short segment on customer service techniques that we use at work. The video blogging was not our favorite, but we gave it a go. Enjoy!

Video Blogging Research

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Hello all! I have gone from blogging to podcasts, and now I will briefly discuss video blogging or “vlogging.”  With basic blogging you get to read the information that one is interested in, and with podcasts you get to hear this information. By adding video to a blog, subscribers get audio and visual to add to the entertainment value of their favorite blogs. Three popular blogs that use video enhancement include GE, Southwest Airlines, and Whole Foods.

When originally researching corporate blogs, Whole Foods was listed as one of the more popular sites.  The site not only includes interesting stories concerning their products, events, and recipes; but the site also includes videos discussing their products.  From Grass-fed Beef to Wine, Whole Foods wants to share important information about their products with consumers. Also, customer service is of major importance to the Whole Foods corporation. Their website states, “We want to satisfy and delight our customers – every single one. We design our stores, train our Team Members and select our products with that goal in mind.” This concept is one that many organizations could stand to adopt. I hope that you will take the time to check out some of these videos, and feel free to let me know what you think.


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Manners 101: The Basics (Podcast)

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manners pic

When we are young, our parents instill in us these unique values that they call “manners.” Unfortunately, when some reach a certain age, these so called manners become virtually nonexistent. Working in the restaurant industry, I have the pleasure of dealing with this on an almost daily basis.   After reading an article on the internet relating to manners for CHILDREN, I will be discussing a few basic manners that most children are probably aware of and many adults cannot seem to remember. Enjoy!

Podcast: Manners 101: The Basics

*Link to Text Version of Podcast*


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Podcasts seem to be an increasingly popular trend. Until a recent school assignment, I really did not even know exactly what a “podcast” was, and I had never listened to one (that I can remember). After researching the topic and listening to a few, it is a quite interesting concept. I did most of my listening on an awesome site introduced last week in class. This site has television show podcasts, comedy podcasts, educational podcasts, technology podcasts, etc.

There were a few podcasts, in particular, that stood out to me. However, with the show’s recent series finale, the podcasts discussing the popular show “Breaking Bad” were my favorite (for this week). Many podcasts exist for the show, but the provided link was my favorite. If you are a “Breaking Bad” fanatic like myself, I hope that you check it out and let me know what you think.


Also, stay tuned for my “attempt” at creating a podcast!

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Blogging Research

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Today, I researched numerous blog sites. Some of these sites were able to catch my attention, and others, I spent little time on. The four most interesting blog sites that I looked at today included: Zenhabits, Dollar Store Crafts, Bleacher Report, and Linked In Blog. I feel that each of these blogs were interesting for different reasons. For example, Zenhabits is a very simple, straightforward blog. There are no pictures or videos, but the blog posts are easy to read, relatable, and provide interesting and helpful self-help advice.

When choosing a blog, I feel that, first and foremost, one looks into his or her interests. I chose the above blog sites for that reason. My favorite of those blog sites happens to be Bleacher Report. I am not only interested in sports, but I LOVE FOOTBALL! I am involved in a fantasy football league with my coworkers. This blog site has a special section of fantasy football information. It includes tips on the top fantasy football players, the top players to drop, the top players to pick up, etc. The site also includes numerous pictures, videos, and also allows comments. The comments section allows those with similar interests to discuss their favorite sports topics.


Although my favorite blog site included pictures, videos, and comment sections, along with tons of sports information, these details do not always guarantee popularity. My second favorite did not include pictures, videos, or a section for comments. Yet, I still found the blog extremely interesting. I believe that much depends on the sites’ topics, the target audience, and the interests of the target audience.

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Introduction to Blogging

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Hello all, my name is Tricia Mounger. Today I will be discussing the benefits of blogging and incorporating a few companies that have interesting blogs. Corporate blogging can be beneficial to the organization for many reasons. Blogging is an excellent way to set one company apart from another. It is also an opportunity to advertise current and new products or services. Blogging is also an extremely beneficial way to deal with public relations. The organization can not only  keep consumers aware of the current happenings within the organization, but complaints and criticisms can also be dealt with through blogging.

The most popular corporate blogs seem to be those that are able do all of these things in the most interesting and entertaining way possible. Three examples that I have found include GE, Patagonia, and Marriott.


Courtesy of:

1. GE: GE’s blog focuses on sharing stories of how their products are being used globally. This organization focuses highly on innovation and how the organization is being innovative. GE is involved in improving MRI machines, using supercomputers for research, and partnering with other major organizations to improve concussion prevention.

2. Patagonia: Patagonia does an excellent job of encouraging the community and its customers the participate on its blog site. This organization not only discusses their products, but also shares information on important environmental issues.  Stories of outdoor adventures keep this blog interesting and entertaining.

3. Marriott: Something that sets Marriott’s blog apart from the others is the fact that Bill Marriott, the founder of the hotel chain, actually writes the blogs himself. Also, the blog includes posts discussing multiple different subjects and current issues such as job hunting, weather, books, and sports as well as how Marriott deals with some of these issues. Because Bill does not strictly discuss the hotel industry, he is able to keep the blog interesting and unique.

Other sites that I have used in my research include:

I hope that you have enjoyed my examples and will further check out these corporate blogs. Which is your favorite? Have you found any corporate blogs that have you hooked?

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