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Friday, June 12, 2009: Day 30

Bom dia! I was woken by Amber this morning in my hammock at 430am to go see the sun rise. Amber, Randy, Sara and I walked back to the same sand dune that we saw the sun set the previous day. The town was still silent this early in the morning and the air was a bit chilled with a slight breeze going through the air. It was a bit overcast so the sun was not seen, just the glow of the sun was rising and spreading through the sky- it was a spectatuclar view even with it being a bit overcast. We took photos and cherished the new coming day. When we arrived back we had about an hour or so until our continental breakfast would be available so we rested until then. I was woken again by Amber. Amber, Neal (he was awake waiting in a hammock for breakfast) and I went went to the building next door for breakfast. I had cake, fruits, seasoned hotdog slices, cheese, juice and coffee. Yummy! At 10am everyone met with Dr. Pace and we went over some things and were reminded to do our studies for our upcoming test. I read my book for a while and relaxed. I went to a restaurant with Abbey after she got back from exploring the town I assume, she was hungry, and discussed what we had read about. Later on I walked around town with a bit of the group.That night, Amber, Sara and I ordered food and went up to the same sand dune that we all have been to several times now since arriving in Jericoacoara. We gazed out at the night sky. I have never seen as many shooting stars in my life as I did this night. The milky way was even more visible and looked broader then the night before. Boi noite!

Thursday, June 11, 2009: Day 29

I awoke at Rosalie and Sara’s homestay home. Rosalie or Sara called a taxi and then we headed toward the meeting spot (near McDonalds) to catch the bus to Jericoacoara. The bus ride was about 6 hours and we took a few breaks to stretch, get snacks and use the restrooms. There was a toilet on the bus but there was no toilet paper so everyone was glad we stopped. We finally arrived near Jericoacoara and then transferred to a different vehicle- truck. Some of us sat in the inside of the truck, others sat in the back with our luggage. The back of the truck had a roof to stay shaded from the hot sun. The roads were unpaved. We drove on sand for about an hour to our hotel in Jericoacoara. Once we recieved our keys to our rooms and decided how we were grouping up as roommates we settled in and went out exploring. We chose a restaurant after a few minutes of walking and ordered our food. It began pouring rain while we waited for our food and it was an outside restaurant. Luckily there was a roof protecting us. After we were threw devouring our meals we walked around town (the rain let up) and stopped at all the mini grocery stores and checked out the scenery. We then headed to the beack. It was gorgeous, amazing! There were mortorcycles, cars, dune buggies and people walking all aroundthe seashore. They were traveling back and forth to different parts of the beach. A few of us climbed up a sand dune and watched the sun set and then even fewer of us stayed until the night sky lit up with twinkling stars. We even saw part of the milky way and I think, a shooting star- the beauty and feeling from the view was indescribable. According to some of my peers the planet, Venus, was also in view of where we were. We headed back to our hotel took showers and got dressed to go listen to music and explore the night life around the town. There was music, food, vendor (selling homemade jewelry, belts, bags, and all sorts of trinkets.) When we got back to the hotel I fell asleep outside in the hammocks that were set out infrom of each of the doors of the hotel rooms. Boi noite!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009: Day 27

I grabbed a banana on the way out to school. We took a bus (#13) and walked a bit. Class as usaul was from 9-1pm. After class my roommate and I walked home and stopped by a super market where I purchased some fried foods for lunch. When we arrived home we found a meal cooked for us. A mixture of rice, beans, and chunks of spongy cheese were made with a side of fried meat slices. I had fresh juice with my lunch and everything was so delicious. Dr. Pace made plans for us to all go and watch Capoeira (martial arts/dance brought over from Africa during slavery in Brazil) in downtown. Quick fact of Brazil’s history: According to Dr. Pace slavery ended in Brazil in 1888. Rosalie met up at our place and then we stopped by Neal’s and picked him up then headed toward downtown a bit early by taxi. We took lots of photos while waiting for the rest of the group. Once everyone arrived we headed to the spot the Capoeira was to be held. Two people who were teaching Capoeira asked our group if we wanted to try some Capoeira moves. Slowly but surely, almost everyone in our group participated. First Randy went up, Annie went up second, and I went up third (even though I had a dress on, which I later borrowed Simon’s large, compared to me, capri jeans). Mostly everyone else in our group ended up joining. We stretched, played musical instruments, did cartwheels, clapped, and attempted to sing. We were all clapping in unison, walking in a circle with instruments being played and had huge goofy smiles plastered on our faces. I felt this overwhelming emotion of spirituality and connection with: the people around me, the world, myself…I’m not sure how to describe it exactly…perhaps it was a uplifting and peaceful feeling if I had to try to describe it. We all ate at a restaurant near by and then our portuguese instructor picked four of us up to go interact in a english with Brazilian doctors who were learning english as a hobby; mostly because they traveled so much. It was an enjoyable experience and I would love to do it again. Boi noite!

Monday, June 8, 2009: Day 26

We had class 9-1pm. We walked to the mall and had lunch at the food court. Then part of the class went with Dr. Pace downtown to a old jail that has now been turned into a market and part museum. We walked a while between buildings with shops set up everywhere selling almost  everything. We stopped by a gorgeous Catholic Church (my second time going here) and shopped for about an hour in the Central Market beside the church. We took a taxi home and I was dropped off first. Now I must go eat dinner and finish my studies. Boi noite!

Sunday, June 7, 2009: Day 25

I made breakfast with my roommate. After watching “V” for Vendetta (a movie) a few days ago, we were inspired to make “toad in the hole” for our breakfast meal. I used a slice of flat bread and buttered both sides, then I created a small hole opening in the middle of the slice of bread. I heated up a pan and placed the slice of bread on it. From there I cracked a egg over into the middle of the slice of bread where the hole was. I flipped it over a few times to cook it just enough where the egg was still over easy. It wasn’t perfect looking but it sure was scrumptious! I then hung out with some friends at the mall and beach. After the beach we all went to a restaurant and ordered a kilo of shrimp. We had to de-scale the shrimp ourselves. In Brazil, they seem to never scale the shrimp for you at restaurants. A friend of mine ordered pasta and shrimp for dinner and when he received his meal the shrimp was mixed in with his pasta like an alfredo dish- the shrimp was not de-scaled. The shrimp was seasoned, salted and given a squirt of lime across the pile of shrimp- it was so tasty! We took a taxi home and relaxed the rest of the evening. Boi noite!

Saturday, June 6, 2009: Day 24

We took the wrong bus and hopped on another. We arrived at the school and we all boarded the bus and headed to another beach. The ride was about an hour. We rode in dune buggies, these small vehicles, on the sand dunes. The scenery was amazing. We went sand boarding down a long sand dune slope. We sat on a board, kind of like snow tubing. Some of us tried sand boarding- same concept as snowboarding. I sand boarded from top to the bottom of the sand dune without fall and didn’t fall once after trying it again. Everyone was impressed in my group and some of the group retried after that. We had a large scrumptious lunch. A few of us then paid and road horses non the beach it was a once in a lifetime experience, sort of. We laid in the sun, watched the kite surfers, helped pick out some speedos for two of they guys on our trip and relaxed. Natalie and I walked home after the bus ride back to the school from the beach.

Friday, June 5, 2009: Day 23

Bon dia! (Good morning!) I had a delicious sweet Brazilian banana. We took the bus and walked a few blocks to school. Today classes were a bit different. We had 2 hours of our anthropology class first. The first hour everyone from the intermediate class even joined us. At 11am we then went to eat out at a Brazilian restaurant for our Portuguese class. The food was amazing. I came home and fell asleep for we a bit because the meal was so heavy and fulfilling. I then woke an hour or so before dinner was served. We had pizza- very tasty but there was no tomato sauce. Instead they use ketchup as the “sauce” kind of like a dip. We are not getting ready to go dancing again tonight at a different place.

Thursday, June 4, 2009: Day 22

Class, 9-1pm. We went to American du Sol (sun), a beach. We soaked up the sun, kicked around a ball, played a bit of fun volleyball, dipped into the ocean, and enjoyed ourselves. I spoke with a Brazilian mother at the beach and she befriended me. I ended up meeting her brother’s wife, her three younger boys, and eating really awesome seafood, that looked like a shrimp. Titus and I sat and talked with them until our group began getting ready to leave. The mother gave me this super cute knitted one piece dress that you wear to the beach over your swim suit. It had holes all through the outfit because of the design. That evening a big part of the group went dancing at a club called, Orbita. It was so much fun. The way we were dancing, anyone could tell that we were Americans- dancing with our hands as well really gave it away. Boi noite!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009: Day 21

Class, 9-1pm. We took our anthropology test today. Everyone was writing for a while. We had to write two essay answers after picking 2 or 3 questions we wanted to answer. After class four of us decided to go the the beach and relax since it was such a beautiful sunny day. That evening Natalie and I took a taxi downtown to the outside market to meet with Lucy and Simon. It began raining so we decided to stop by the school where the other part of the group went to interact with some of the Brazilian students. Afterwards everyone went back to the market and one of the teachers or helpers of the school drove us. We saw Lucy and Simon and then were shown around town by the guy from the school, Celio. Everyone met up with us at one point and we all hung out together and listened to live music. Boi noite!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009: Day 20

Class, 9-1pm. We were released from class early in anthropology because Dr. Pace had to go pick up his wife, Olga, from the airport. It was overcast and rainy so no one decided to go to the beach. I studied for our second test in anthropology. I fell asleep studying, woke back up and studied more. Some of our friends invited us to a show but through some miscommunication we ended up not meeting up and spending about 46 reais (about 23 US dollars) on riding in a taxi- it was an adventurous experience. Boi noite!