Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

I saved the best for last because this city is full of amazing sites and wonderful food. Rome is another New York city in a sense because it is always on the go. If one were to travel to Rome be sure to safe and know where your belonging is at all time. Rome has many sites to see but if he or she does not plan out what he plans to see it is impossible to see all of Rome. Rome was the last city that we stayed in, I did not want to go home because it is a wonderful place to be at. The food is great and there is so many sites to see that I did not get to see.


sistine chapel

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Cinque terra

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

This small town has a beach with a seven mile trail. It is nice because the seven mile trail runs through the five towns and is along the beach. It is a nice place to just relax and forget about time.


the beach

the trail

lunch view

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Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

This city is about 3 hours away from Siena and the city is next to the airport if you want to see the amazing site.

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Villa Di Geggiano

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

This villa is owned by two brothers that works the vine yard and gives tours to keep the property. The villa has been in a movie before and it also host wedding partys. It has been past down  from theirgrandpa who married below the riches. The married cost the family because they did not have a lot of money coming in because their grandma was from a poor family. The two brothers now try their best to keep the house the way it is and because of their grandpa did not marring up, they are able to keep all of the original items in the villa by closing off the rooms not letting light get in.


part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

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A leather shop/school

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

The school lets students from all over the worldcome and study there. Each student will be able to produce a handbag from start to finish after the year is over with. It cost about 8,000 euros to attend the school. Many student who graduate from the school can even start their own business or work from major companies like Gucci, Parda, and Louis Vuitton. This leather shop is unique because all the hand bags are produce one at a time with different designs on each of them.

hand made

The school

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The Contrada

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

In Italy their is about 20 groups that practice every year to represent their neighborhood. I got lucky to catch them in action. The night before I heard a few groups practicing at 2 in the morning, while walking around the neighborhood.



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The oldest Bank in Europe

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

This was a part of the business class tour, we got the chance to see many old track records from early time periods. We also got to see some old money and old paintings of Siena. 



the back side

inside the bank


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Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

A small town in the middle of Siena and Florence. I was along the side walls recoding this view, by the way Rachel Ray the famous cook/ traveler went to this town and ate at one of the restaurants.

Rachel Ray was there



the view

the front side

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College of Siena

Tony Le on Jun 7th 2011

The school of Economics in Siena has been around since 1240. Many student come here to study abroad because it is very cheap, which is only 3,000 euro a year. Job placements is at a rate of 60% each year for graduating students. At the school of Economics they focus on accounting, management, and finance.


 the walk into the college

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A visit to Florence

Tony Le on May 21st 2011

Florence is a place to shop, eat, wine, and site see. It is a big place to travel to compare to the small town of Siena. It is a tourist attraction town because many people like to view the river that runs along the town.











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