On the road again

This morning, we loaded up the bus and headed to the southern coast of Spain. We spend a little bit of the morning by the sea in a the town of Malaga. The ocean was very rough from storms yesterday but still very lovely to be at the beach. The sun even came out more to help with the day but it was still rather hazy from the humidity. After visiting the seaside a bit, we loaded up again to head to our next destination.

But, on the way, we stopped at Sunny View School for two concerts – one for the primary students and one for the secondary students. Both concerts were well attended and well received. The primary students even serenaded Variations with their own selections including four numbers from “The Sound of Music” which was a wonderful experience for everyone. The students really enjoyed the beatboxing by two of our students as part of the Pentatonic number. Both audiences demanded encores of beatboxing and in concert, Matt was able to explain how to get started learning how to beatbox. After the concerts, the Sunny View students bombarded Variations for autographs and photos.  And, one student said to me as she was leaving the auditorium: “They are the BEST choir in the world!”

It was a fun way to end the performances.

After the concerts, we headed out and have a three concert day tomorrow so we hope everyone is getting some rest tonight!