Finishing up

The final concerts have been performed and farewells are being given to our local guides and bus drivers (who were amazing!) and we are cramming all of those souvenirs into our bags with hopes they don’t send it over the 23 kg weight limit. 

As always, the Variations spring break tour creates many memories for us and for those we see along the way. I hope some of the school children were sparked by the singing and other interactions with our students. I hope the students were also changed for the better as travel tends to do. Just being able to see cities and buildings that have been growing and changing for centuries is educational. Spending time with that culture and with people enriches that even more. 

I am not quite finished sharing yet as wifi didn’t cooperate and there are more images and videos to post. I will get them online as soon as I can. 

Thanks for following along and I am sure there will be plenty more stories to be shared with you from those you know on the trip. 


Your friendly neighborhood blogger (Audrey)

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  1. Thank you Audrey for sharing this great adventure. It was wonderful to hear about each day and the photos have been amazing.

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