Coffee and Beer, Brew Buddies

The first Facebook page I want to talk about is Pilot’s page. This page is very well put together and it allows customers to comment about this company. Pilot posts about every day with information about new stores opening, new products coming out, also new items you can receive with your rewards card.

The second page I would like to talk about is the Coors light page. They post awesome pictures about their product and people enjoying their product. They have over 3 million likes and I’m proud to say I’m one of them. People are allowed to post comments and pictures on this page of them enjoying the ice cold Rockies.

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Youtube Video

Hey guys it’s Nick again. This time I made my very own video of how to make a super plane. Are you tired of your paper airplanes not traveling far enough? Those days are over my friends! Check out my video and have a great flight!

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MJ Podcast

Hello, this is my first blog post talking about is about the 1 on 1 comparisons linked to Michael Jordan. I find this argument irrelevant because some of the people that are being compared to him play a different position. For example, Dwight Howard is seven feet tall and could post Jordan up all day but that doesn’t make him a better basketball player than Jordan. The person that is closest to Jordan as of right now is probably LeBron James. He is definitely the best player in the game right now and the closest comparison to Michael Jordan.

Podcast: MJ Comparison

*Here is a link to the text of my podcast

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Podcast Assignment

ESPN First Take podcast on 10/2 talks about the debate about which NBA player could beat MJ 1 on 1. This debate could go on for the longest time because everyone has different oppinions.

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Intro to blogging

The first company that I found that uses blogging is Dell. Dell blogs at least two or three times a day. This company puts updates, events, and new chapters in their blogs.

The second company that I found that uses blogging was Southwest Airlines. They blog about new items they’re serving on their planes. Also, they let customers tell them what they need to work on.

The third and final company that uses effective blogging is GM. Their website really breaks down the blogs that are posted very well. These blogs include new developments, dates for new products, and also other company comparisons.

Why do you think that some companies do not use the blogging technique?

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